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What you should know about the safe operation of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-06
In order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform and improve the service life. Before use, you should carefully study and experience the factory safety application standards and protection and maintenance systems, strictly follow the product description and operation, and eliminate illegal use. In view of the mechanical characteristics of the equipment, there are special operating procedures that have been specially formulated: 1. The use of 'hydraulic lifting platforms' in each work team must be designated personnel who have passed rigorous training and have been recognized. 2. Before use, it is necessary to specifically read and understand the precautions, operating procedures and protection and maintenance requirements of the product specification book. 3. Strictly implement the following operating methods during use: 1. The site used on site must be flat and strong, and use on potholes or slopes is prohibited. Once the hydraulic lifting platform is dragged to the operating point for positioning, first open the four supporting legs according to the standard and use the rocking handle to support the feet, so that the wheels are off the ground and the body is level and stable. 2. The operation of the equipment must be a designated person who has passed strict training and education and has been approved. When using it on site, a guardian must be present, otherwise the use will be prohibited. 3. Before starting the machine, first check whether the oil, diesel, and cooling water meet the requirements; check whether the protective railings on the operating platform are safe and reliable; perform a test run on the empty vehicle before lifting, and if there is a hidden safety hazard in the mechanical performance, it should be cleaned immediately to stop Illegal operation. 4. During operation, the personnel and goods on the construction platform should be prevented from overloading, and the lifting platform cannot replace the crane for lifting goods; the use of elevators to carry passengers is prohibited. 5. When working on the platform, it is necessary to wear a safety helmet and fasten the safety hook. When working at heights, stop rough construction, do not allow your body to lean out of the construction, stop throwing objects downwards, stop removing the protective railings and any rods on the platform during use, ensure that the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform components are complete, and ensure the safety of construction. 6. During the working conditions, stop repairs and maintenance; in the process of operation, the on-site monitoring personnel should stop leaving their posts. 7. Once an abnormal phenomenon is found during use, stop using it immediately and tell the professional to check and repair it in time. 8. After the work is completed, the operating platform should be lowered to the lowest position, the outriggers should be retracted, and the power supply should be cut off. Put the hydraulic lifting platform back to the designated storage place in time, and take measures to protect the equipment against rain.
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