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When buying an electric pallet truck and choosing a manufacturer, what should I know about the after-sales service?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-14
Due to the needs of industrialization, there is an increasing demand for manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks, and many problems have arisen. After purchasing the truck, the after-sales service often fails to keep up, which affects the normal use of customers and causes certain losses. So how do we avoid such problems? How do we choose merchants or manufacturers to ensure our rights? The editor of the electric pallet truck manufacturer has sorted out some relevant information and made some reference for customers and friends to understand when, what conditions, and what parts are damaged to legally protect their legitimate rights and interests. Certificate of conformity Generally, the certificate of conformity is written on it: this product meets the relevant quality and technical standards, the signature of the inspector, the date of inspection, etc. Any product is equipped with a certificate before leaving the factory, and manual pallet truck products are no exception. The certificate and manual are very important basis for purchasing related products. If the relevant product is equipped with a certificate, the product quality problems, the merchant must deal with For problems and solutions, if you don’t have a certificate or manual, you must not buy it. Once there is a product quality problem, there will be no after-sales guarantee! Warranty card Warranty card is a key card to ensure after-sales service. Once the quality problem occurs in the purchase of trucks or other equipment, customers can rely on the warranty card to allow merchants to provide after-sales guarantee services for a certain period of time. The warranty card lists: product model, factory number, purchase date, customer name, business name, product failure reason, customer service phone number, and warranty scope. Customers and friends should pay special attention. The most important one is the scope of warranty, which is related to the specific plot of the customer’s after-sales service. Here is a separate list: warranty scope 1. Customers and friends can enjoy a one-year or 2100-hour warranty for the cylinder and frame at the repair center or dealership designated by the merchant from the day of purchase. 2. Under the normal use of truck equipment related wearing parts, such as wheels, seals, etc., are no longer within the scope of warranty; 3. If the following failure factors occur, users and friends will not enjoy the warranty rights, please pay attention. a. Product performance failure occurs after the warranty period is exceeded; b. After the failure, there is no maintenance or repair at the designated place, and the failure occurs here; c. Overload, partial load, improper use lead to deformation and failure; d. Oil shortage or private disassembly and assembly of the oil pump; e. Damage caused by unforeseen, manpower irresistible disasters, wars, etc.
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