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Where are the most prone to problems with trucks?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-07
The daily maintenance of pallet trucks is very common. Various manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks have become the most commonly used handling tools in logistics and are used everywhere in various factories. Forklift talk: the most easily damaged place of pallet trucks! Due to the continuous development and progress of society, the demand for pallet trucks is also increasing, that is, new designs and applications are required, quality issues, and individual needs In order to meet the needs of this and that, new models of trucks have been continuously added in recent years, lengthened, widened, increased tonnage, electronic scale trucks, fully electric trucks and other types of products have entered. In the market, although these products are novel and good in quality, no matter how perfect the product is, it will be damaged or eliminated. Therefore, the after-sales service of the truck has always been a headache. Several easily damaged places and answers how to solve these problems. Oil pump failure: The oil pump is a very important part of the truck. Once the oil pump has a problem, the truck cannot continue to operate. This is the core of the truck. The oil pump is composed of many parts. The parts that are more prone to failure are : Sealing ring, dust ring, steel ball, etc. The main reason for the damage of these parts is friction during use, and aging and damage after a long time. These failures can be solved by replacing them with new parts. Cylinder failure: The cylinder also plays an important role in the operation of the truck. It can achieve the purpose of lifting up and down. Therefore, when the fork cannot be lifted up and down normally, it is mostly because the cylinder is faulty. We have analyzed the cause of the failure. Caused by eccentric load or overload during use; rust of the piston rod affects smooth movement; the position of the nut and the hexagonal nut is incorrect. When solving these faults, consider replacing the oil cylinder or piston rod and adjusting the position of the nut according to the situation.
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