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Where can the advantages of semi-electric stackers stand out?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-10
The stacker is a new type of stacking machine with electric lifting, simple operation, environmental protection and high efficiency. Among them, there are electric stackers, semi-electric stackers, and manual stackers. Semi-electric stackers are widely used in the movement and stacking of overhead goods and pallets. The lifting speed of the first manual stacker is very slow, about 15mm can only be raised at a time, if you press it in one second, one minute and 60 seconds multiplied by 15mm equals 900mm, which is 90 cm, then the increase To reach the height of 1.5 meters, the demand pressure is at least 100 times, that is, 100 seconds; if it is a long-term work, the manpower is tired, so it often takes more than 3 minutes to raise the car by manually raising the car by 1.5 meters; in factories and warehouses In many places such as logistics centers, semi-electric pallet stackers are used for unitized pallet stacking, which is both safe and efficient; especially in some narrow passages, floors, elevated warehouses and other workplaces, it can fully reflect its outstanding Flexible, quiet and environmentally friendly features. Because the chassis of the semi-electric stacker is very low, about 35mm, it is determined that the climbing degree of the equipment cannot be very high, as if it exceeds 7 degrees, it is not easy to use. That is to say, the length of the slope between the two horizontal planes needs to be more than 10 times the vertical distance of the two planes in order to facilitate the passage of the stacker. Moreover, the chassis is low, so there can be no potholes on the ground, otherwise there is a danger of stagnating the chassis. In addition, because it is promoted by the use of manpower, if the item is heavy, then of course it will be difficult to push forward, so you need to have ample mental preparation before buying. Another special place is that the equipment uses batteries, so the battery capacity is limited, and the battery needs to be recharged if it is dead. And the working time of this battery is about three or four hours. Perhaps more precisely, the total number of lifting strokes, for example, the height of 2.5 meters, it can be raised about 50 times.
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