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Where is the strong practicality of electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-28
The electric pallet truck includes three bottom wheels, including two front wheels and one rear wheel. The rear wheel of the product is both a driving wheel and a steering wheel. The most prominent part of the outer edge of the forklift truck of the product is equipped with multiple object proximity detectors. Ultrasonic waves can be used to detect the distance and volume of the approaching object and send an alarm signal to prevent contact. The product also uses a new type of door frame connection. This product is flexible in operation and convenient to use, suitable for promotion and application in the warehousing and logistics industry. The electric pallet truck frame includes a hydraulic oil tank room, a drive AC motor room, a transmission room and a front axle shaft frame. The drive AC motor room of the product is set on the left side of the hydraulic oil tank room, and the gearbox room of the product is set on the drive AC motor. On the left side of the chamber, the product’s hydraulic oil tank chamber, drive AC motor chamber and gearbox chamber are arranged on the same line, the product’s front axle shaft frame is arranged on the upper and lower sides of the gearbox chamber, and the product’s hydraulic oil tank chamber is at the upper end There is a counterweight room, the lower end of the hydraulic oil tank room of the product is provided with an auxiliary DC motor room, and the auxiliary weight room and auxiliary DC motor room of the product are both open. The beneficial effects of this product are: the product has a simple structure and a reasonable design. The frame is welded through the T-shaped pattern. Not only the structure is more stable, but also the open tank can be designed to place or take out the counterweight, which improves the forklift's performance. Use efficiency, strong practicability, easy to popularize and use.
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