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Which brands do imported electric forklifts mainly include?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-18
Many foreign-funded industrial vehicle companies have entered China one after another. After a wave of scouring in recent decades, some brands have withdrawn from the Chinese market. They are: Balkancer, Desta, Om, Pramac, NuovaDetas, Fantuzzi, etc. The market is cruel, and the market is also the best testing ground for testing the vitality of an enterprise and its products. Today, many Chinese industrial vehicle companies and a large number of agency service companies are trying to make quick fortunes in this industry. The experience of developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan has proved that this industry cannot make quick fortunes and cannot be made in a short time. Make big money. 1. The product quality and reputation of the brand's electric pallet truck; 2. What is the after-sales guarantee capacity of the electric forklift brand and whether there are service outlets at or near the company's location; 3. The quality and service of the electric pallet truck products of the brand that the company has used; 4. Selection The brand of electric forklift needs to be consistent with the company’s positioning. These items must be paid attention to when choosing a brand to maximize the selection of high-quality and low-cost forklifts. The production years of electric forklift manufacturers are also an important factor to consider when purchasing electric forklifts. The domestic electric forklift industry has also risen rapidly in the past decade, and the quality is not much different from foreign imports, and it is also the choice of most buyers. Service hotline for electric forklift manufacturers: 0551-82855638
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