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Which parts are important parts of manual forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-22
Before knowing about manual forklifts, many companies hope to be able to choose their own manual forklifts. There are many manual carriers currently on the market. How to choose a suitable and practical manual forklift? This requires some basic performance and understanding of manual forklifts. Technical parameters, you can better understand its performance, choose a real high-quality manual forklift. The load of a hand pallet truck is one of the most important technical parameters. At present, there are basically 20,000 tons of manual trucks on the market, two and five tons, three tons, and five tons. The most commonly used is two tons. The price of the first three is the same. It's almost the same, but in order to increase sales, some manufacturers sell 2.5-ton and 3-ton hydraulic pallet trucks to customers, so customers must pay special attention.  The fork is one of the important factors. It affects the price of manual forklifts. The general standard length is applicable. If you need a wider one, you can negotiate with the merchant. The hydraulic cylinder is the main component of the manual hydraulic forklift, so you must focus on observing the type of cylinder. wheels also want to investigate carefully. Wheel production materials have a great influence on the use effect and service life, especially when the ground conditions are not good, the performance is more obvious. The combination of aluminum alloy and plastic wheels will be more durable. some.
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