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Who to pay the freight of hand truck pallet jack sample?
For the regular hand truck pallet jack product, the sample is free, but you need to bear the courier fee. Therefore, a quick account such as DHL or FEDEX is required. We beg you to understand that we send a lot of samples every day. If all shipping costs are borne by us, the cost will be very high. In order to express our sincerity, as long as the sample is successfully confirmed, the shipping cost of the sample will be offset when the order is placed, which is equivalent to free shipping and free shipping.

Ningbo Staxx Material Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd. is active in many internally famous exhibitions in the pursuit of a wider market for electric lift pallet stacker. straddle leg stacker produced by Staxx is very popular in the market. Staxx lift table truck is designed based on the innovative ideas of our designers. These ideas make sure that this product is able to go with the service flow of all kinds of stores. It is perfectly suitable for right- and left-handed operators. The door plank of the product is not prone to deform. The base materials and the surface of the door plank are finely treated to resist moisture which may cause deformation and corrosion. This product is extremely agile due to its short chassis.

Thanks to the encouragement from customers, Staxx brand will continue to develop higher customer satisfication. Please contact.
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