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Why are electric forklifts more expensive than diesel forklifts? Cause Analysis:

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-01
Although the frame departments of diesel forklifts and electric forklifts are basically similar, diesel forklifts use engines and gearboxes as power sources, while battery forklifts use motors, gearboxes, batteries and controllers as basic power mechanisms. The engine has been developed for many years, the technology is relatively complete, and the domestic price is not high. Most of the controllers for battery forklifts need to be imported. The price of batteries is also more expensive. The price of circuit boards is also higher than that of diesel forklifts. In general, the cost of accessories is higher. Much higher than diesel forklifts. However, the greater the output of the same product, the purchase cost of individual parts will drop a lot. Although the sales of electric forklifts have been increasing, according to the annual sales of the two forklifts, the sales of diesel forklifts are much higher than that of electric forklifts, which are allocated to each forklift. Manufacturers, diesel forklifts can be mass-produced, and the price is naturally very low, while electric forklifts are difficult to achieve mass production. Coupled with the usual daily expenses of the factory, personnel costs, and equipment losses, low prices are difficult to achieve.  As the country continues to increase environmental protection requirements, the future market demand for diesel forklifts will gradually decrease. On the contrary, the market demand for electric forklifts with environmental protection characteristics will inevitably increase year by year. Although its price is relatively expensive in the short term, because the maintenance cost is lower than that of diesel forklifts, and the maintenance period is two to three times that of diesel forklifts, the maintenance time is much less than that of diesel forklifts, which can greatly save maintenance labor costs. Effectively shorten the downtime of the forklift, which is conducive to improving the working efficiency of the forklift and increasing the economic benefits. Therefore, on the whole, the electric forklift is more economical. Taken from the accessory platform. The electric pallet truck manufacturer will serve you wholeheartedly!
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