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Why are the auxiliary wheels of electric pallet trucks easy to break and the quality is not good? to do maintenance work well

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-17
Since the advent of electric pallet trucks in 1995, especially the TW series and TP series electric pallet trucks, they have been highly praised by customers. They have solved many customers' work confusion and met their needs! However, a small number of customers say that the auxiliary wheels of the electric pallet truck have problems and the quality is not good. Is this really the case? Let's talk about the wheels of the lithium pallet truck first. The whole truck uses imported Swedish polyurethane wheels. Equipped with dual load wheels as standard, the auxiliary wheels can be disassembled from above when the vehicle cannot be lifted, which is convenient for maintenance! In fact, the frequent failure of lithium pallet truck wheels should be closely related to the customer's working conditions. The customer is responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of the wheels of the electric pallet truck. To avoid improper use or equipment, some overloading, especially to put it lightly in the car. High-speed driving on rough roads or heavy objects hitting the wheels can cause damage to the wheels or equipment. Maintenance and maintenance of wheels should be done: Brackets and fasteners: tighten the loose axle and nuts and check whether the weld or support plate is damaged. Overloading or impact will cause the bracket to twist. The twisted bracket causes the heavy load to lean on individual wheels and cause premature damage to the wheels. If it is a plunger type caster, the nut should be tightened or riveted firmly and ensure that the equipment mounting bracket is not bent and the plunger is installed correctly. When installing casters, lock nuts or lock washers should be used. The installation of expandable plunger casters should ensure that the plunger is firmly installed in the casing. Lubrication: Add lubricating oil regularly, and the pallet truck casters and movable bearings can be used for a long time. Applying grease to the friction parts of the axle, seal ring and roller bearing can reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible. Lubrication is carried out every six months under normal conditions. The wheels should be lubricated after the car is cleaned every month. Wheels: visually check the wear of the wheels. The poor rotation of the wheel is related to sundries such as thin red and rope. The anti-wrap cover can block the entanglement of these sundries. Too loose or too tight casters is another factor. Replace damaged wheels/casters to avoid unstable rotation. After checking and replacing the wheels, make sure to tighten the axle with lock washers and nuts. Because the wheel axle is loose, it will cause the spokes to rub against the bracket and jam. Replacement wheels and bearings should be available to avoid production downtime. Auxiliary wheel: If the active steering is too loose, it must be replaced immediately. If the central rivet of the auxiliary wheel is fixed by a nut, it must be tightly locked. If the movable steering cannot rotate freely, check whether there is corrosion or dirt at the ball. If equipped with fixed casters, ensure that the caster brackets are not bent. For the long-term use of the electric pallet truck, everyone should pay attention to protecting the wheels of the small lithium pallet truck!
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