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Why are the prices of high-altitude lifting platforms different?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-31
Since the development of the high-altitude lifting platform industry in China, all kinds of high-altitude equipment can be found in the market, such as self-propelled, mast, hand-propelled, vehicle-mounted, etc., plus the type of boom, its optionality In terms of diversification, the main factors affecting prices are as follows: First: regional factors: different regions have different positioning; from south to north, prices will continue to increase, extending to the northeast or southwest Based on the price increase in regions, the freight will also gradually increase, which also directly makes a significant comparison between the north and south elevator prices and the high-altitude channel prices; other domestic and foreign prices will also be somewhat different, foreign trade exports, many Customers negotiate through communication equipment such as the network, and there is no need for the company to send staff abroad, which saves transaction costs to a large extent, so there will be some concessions in price. Second: The price of the high-altitude lifting platform at the time of ordering will also be determined according to the ordering cycle of the product; many customers of this type of product have difficulty purchasing the corresponding product model when buying, because many customers have to use it within the limited time when purchasing. Therefore, product suppliers with fast delivery and short delivery time are preferred; while the products are mostly produced seasonally when the products are produced, and the production is limited. Therefore, when many customers buy, the manufacturers do not have the stock. If they want to buy, they need to reschedule the production. The production cycle ranges from 1-3 months. And those suppliers who have the stock will also consider that the customer is not in a hurry. This element is used to raise prices. Third: Cost The price of the high-altitude lifting platform also depends on the cost of the product; products with different material specifications have different functions, lifespans, and safety functions; many people only pay attention to the price when buying elevators and lifting channels. Then, safety and durability were neglected; in terms of the production of high-altitude lifting platforms, Yunxiang Heavy Industries uses a high amount of raw materials, fine workmanship, and stronger safety. Fourth: The price of the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform for one-time purchase also depends on the purchase volume and batch; it is mainly reflected in the dealer's agency price; general individuals may only purchase 1 or 2 sets when purchasing, and this price is relative to the price provided by the manufacturer , There will not be too much fluctuation, and for customers who buy 5 and 10 units at a time, or even for long-term demand, the elevator channel manufacturers will greatly reduce the price or add rebates based on the purchase volume to keep customers.
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