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Why are the speeds of two identical electric forklifts different?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-01

Why are the speeds of two identical electric forklifts different? How to solve this problem? manufacturers believe that there are several possibilities:

First, if it is a lead-acid battery, it will be affected by the temperature and the amount of electrolyte will affect the instability of the current output;

> Second, the power of the drive motor may be different; third, if it is stepless speed regulation, the low-voltage voltage set by the electronic speed governor may be different. Fourth, the problem of electronic control can be known by checking it with an encoder.
What are the effects of tire tread depth on electric forklifts?
The following electric forklift manufacturer-equipment will introduce to you: 'The deeper the pattern, the greater the elastic deformation of the pattern block, and the rolling resistance formed by the tire elastic hysteresis loss will also increase. The deeper pattern is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the tire, which makes the tire temperature rise faster, and the root of the pattern is easy to tear and fall off due to the severe punishment. Too shallow pattern not only affects its water storage and drainage capacity, and is prone to harmful 'water skiing   Therefore, too deep or too light patterns are not good. The objective law is that the pattern will become smaller and smaller in use. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the pattern effect, countries around the world have formulated clear regulations on tire pattern wear limits. And die-engrave the tire wear limit warning mark '' or (and) 'TWI' in English at several equal parts along the circumference of the tire shoulder. When the wear distance of the convex surface of the pattern block is about 1.6mm (1/16 inch) to the bottom of the pattern groove, the pattern at the mark has been smoothed out, so a narrow horizontal strip of light tread is revealed to warn the driver that the The time has come for the tires to be replaced.
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