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Why can't the battery of an electric forklift be charged and what's going on?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-02
As a new type of electric pallet truck, under the slogan of 'green, safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-savingAfter all, compared with internal combustion forklifts, forklift electric forklifts are easy to operate and pollution-free! But electric forklifts also have troubles, for example: the battery cannot be charged, which is very embarrassing! The forklift tells you: The battery of an electric pallet truck cannot be charged. It turned out to be like this:   1. The battery level is not normal. When the forklift master encounters this type of problem, first check whether the water level in the battery is normal. If it is too low, first add an appropriate amount of distilled water. 2. Irreversible sulfation of the polar plate is present, which can be determined by measuring the change in the terminal voltage by charging and discharging. When charging, the voltage of the battery rises very fast, and the voltage of some single cells is very high, which is much higher than the normal value; the voltage drops very fast when discharging, and the battery has no or little power. In the above situation, it can be judged that the battery has irreversible sulfation.   Troubleshooting: First, connect the charging circuit firmly, and replace the charger if it is abnormal. Dried batteries should be supplemented with pure water or 1.050 sulfuric acid, and the battery capacity should be restored by maintenance charging and discharging.   Forklift-a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing safety forklifts and transportation equipment. Main business: electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, electric tractors, heavy duty forklifts, explosion-proof forklifts, etc. With an annual output of up to 100,000 forklifts, the single-unit sales volume is the first. The introduction of international advanced production equipment, the factory inspection process is as high as hundreds of times.
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