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Why choose an electric forklift brand with after-sales service to understand battery specifications

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-13
brands, in this regard, can be said that everyone is already very familiar, because there are many related articles on the website to let everyone know and understand. Therefore, next, you might as well strike the iron while it is hot, and continue to study on the basis of the previous ones, so that everyone can also acquire new knowledge from it, so that they can make progress and development on their learning path. 1. Are the side shifters of electric forklifts the same as the brand of electric forklifts? There are many? In this case, in the opinion of electric pallet truck manufacturers, the answer is yes. Because, like the electric forklift brand, there are many kinds of side shift frames for electric forklifts. If it is a big brand, then its price will not be very low. If it is general, then the price is slightly lower. 2. Why choose a forklift brand with after-sales service guarantee? This is because electric forklifts are industrial equipment, or industrial vehicles. Therefore, it should be ensured that it can operate normally, otherwise it will cause economic losses once the work is stopped. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a forklift brand with after-sales service guarantee, so as to ensure the normal operation and use of the forklift and avoid economic losses. 3. What are the specifications of the battery in the forklift? Is it related to the forklift brand? In addition, can a code lock be installed on the forklift? In terms of specifications, the batteries in electric forklifts are commonly used in three types: 55Ah, 70Ah and 160Ah. It has nothing to do with the forklift brand, because it is related to the forklift power configuration. On the forklift, it is possible to install a code lock, and, in some imported forklift brands, it is already very common. Regarding the forklift brand, I believe that through the above questions and the specific answers given, everyone can have a better understanding and understanding, and at the same time, to increase their own professional knowledge in this area, so that they can benefit from it, and master and use it in time. , Thus, to enhance the use effect of the product.

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