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Why is the manual truck also called the ground cow?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-09

When we are wandering around in large supermarkets, we occasionally see staff using a yellow trolley to load and unload goods. This trolley is a manual trolley, also known as a ground cow.

It is called the ground cow because the truck is very similar to the cow. The handle on the upper part of the steering wheel of the truck is like the head of the cow, which plays the role of turning the front and back. The tongue inside the handle is like the tongue of the cow. Press the tongue. The truck will lower the height of the pallet to facilitate the trolley to enter the bottom of the heavy object, and then press the handle at the handle back and forth, and the trolley will support the heavy object and raise it to a certain height.

The body of the truck is like the body of a cow, which can be used to place heavy objects and ensure that the heavy objects will not easily slip off during transportation, while the wheels of the trolley are like the feet of a cow, soft and flexible. It can carry the weight of the heavy objects of the trolley without causing any damage to the ground.

In addition to being similar in shape to cows, manual trucks are also similar in function to cows. They are relatively small in size, but they can carry heavier goods and can pass freely in small places such as stores and aisles. It is a common, simple and effective transportation. tool.

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