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Why is the performance of aerial work platforms affected by voltage instability?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-09
Most aerial work platforms use external power sources as power to control the ups and downs of equipment. Therefore, they are closely connected with electricity. However, assuming that the voltage is unstable, it will involve the application function and labor efficiency of the platform. What are the specific implications? The required power supply is based on battery DC or AC. When using AC power, various problems will occur when the voltage is unstable and even catastrophic. Involved: Voltage instability will burn out the various electrical components inside the platform control box, causing The equipment of the aerial work platform cannot be controlled. Frequent voltage instability will directly burn the motor in the power unit. The result of the destruction of the motor is appropriate and important, which will cause an instantaneous drop in pressure. Assuming that the aerial work platform does not have an overflow valve Perhaps safety equipment such as explosion-proof valves will cause equipment to fall and cause things to happen. The same exchange of new power units is also a necessary tuition. As for the user, personal safety cannot be guaranteed. Voltage instability will make the work platform unstable. Stable and simple to constitute a safe thing. General theory: The aerial platform stacker should ensure a stable voltage during the use process. Assuming that there are conditions, it should be a safe voltage stabilizer. Due to the voltage instability, the high-altitude equipment is very involved. At the same time, it is stable. Voltage is also a condition to ensure the end of the stage's rise and fall.
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