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Winter is here, let’s introduce to you the knowledge of forklift antifreeze in detail

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-06
Forklift antifreeze fluid is mainly used to protect the normal and good operation of the engine. It circulates in the engine water tank to achieve cooling, antifreeze, anti-boiling, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion effects. '': Winter is here, have you used antifreeze for your forklift? There are a lot of precautions in the use of antifreeze. The following editor of electric pallet truck manufacturers will give you the precautions of antifreeze in popular science, so that everyone has a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the selection and use of forklift antifreeze. . Antifreeze function: Cooling: Cool engine parts Antifreeze: Prevent antifreeze from freezing and boiling: Prevent overheating and boiling Antirust: Prevent cooling system components from rust Anticorrosion: Prevent cooling system components from corrosion Antifoam: Prevent cooling cycle process Antifreeze classification: Composition Classification: Engine antifreeze, generally composed of ethylene glycol-water solution + additives. Due to the different chemical composition of additives, they are divided into two categories: inorganic type (additives are composite type with low silicate content), organic type (additives) Contains organic hydroxy acids and organic non-acid inhibitors). Model-free antifreeze is widely used in the domestic market due to its low dosage and good stability, which can effectively prevent corrosion of the metal pipes of the cooling system. Load classification: From the adaptable working conditions, it can be further divided into: light-load engine antifreeze (applicable to low-power internal combustion engines, and the design is generally far below the maximum output power), heavy-duty engine antifreeze (applicable to high-power increase Compression type internal combustion engines are generally designed to allow continuous operation when they are close to or equal to the maximum output power). Antifreeze selection: 1. The internal combustion engine of construction machinery generally has a large output power. It is recommended to choose antifreeze for heavy-duty engines. 2. Choose the appropriate antifreeze according to the season. For example, if the temperature is -40 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to choose -45, and leave the surplus appropriately. The temperature in the south is generally above zero, just choose -25. 3. It is recommended to replace the antifreeze with the same brand of the same color antifreeze to avoid corrosion and precipitation. It is not recommended to mix with other brands of antifreeze. Do not listen to the convenience of the repairer. It must be completely replaced at one time; 4 , All seasons general-purpose antifreeze can be used, this type of antifreeze has good long-term stability, not only suitable in winter, but also has a cooling effect in summer. Although the price is slightly higher than that of general antifreeze, it is conducive to the maintenance of the cooling system and does not require frequent replacement; 5. Direct use, do not mix with water! Because the content of metal ions in the antifreeze raw materials and water is very different, improper dilution will cause the pH value to deviate and affect related indicators. Solemn reminder: There are some counterfeit brands of antifreeze on the market. Although the price is low, the use of these antifreeze can easily cause machine failure, bring you irreversible economic losses, and even lead to safety accidents. To protect your legality For rights and economic benefits, please choose antifreeze for forklift machinery.
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