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A Beijing company was punished for excessive smoke emission from a fuel forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-28
Qianlong.com Beijing, November 13th. A few days ago, the Beijing Haidian District Environmental Protection Bureau issued a notice on administrative penalty of Hai Environmental Protection Penalty ﹝2017﹞671, Beijing Wuhuan Xiangquan Parking Management Co., Ltd. violated the 'People’s Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law' According to the Administrative Penalty Decision No. 671 of Hai Environmental Protection Penalty (2017), Beijing Haidian District Environmental Protection Bureau on September 20, 2017 parked the Beijing Wuhuan Xiangquan at the parking lot under the Xiaojiahe Bridge, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing. The non-road mobile machinery being used by the Management Co., Ltd. (ATF brand model: internal combustion lithium pallet truck with 13051376999 on the body of the v300) conducted supervision and inspection, and found that the machinery was emitting black smoke. Upon site inspection by law enforcement officers, the smoke emission value exceeded The Beijing Municipal 'Smoke Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Non-road Diesel Engines in Use (DB11/184-2013)' stipulated the exhaust smoke limit of non-road diesel engines in use, which is an unqualified emission behavior. The above behavior violated the provisions of Article 56 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution. The Beijing Haidian District Environmental Protection Bureau ordered Beijing Century City Zhongxing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. to make corrections and fined it 5,000 yuan in accordance with the provisions of Article 114, Paragraph 1 of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China.
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