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A brief description of all-electric stackers Domestic demand for electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-19

An industrial handling vehicle powered by an electric motor and a battery is an electric stacker. It refers to various wheeled handling vehicles for starting loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. The International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC110 is called an industrial vehicle. Electric stackers include: all-electric stackers, semi-electric stackers, forward stackers, forward all-electric stackers, and forward stackers Balanced heavy-duty stacker trucks and walkers. Electric stackers are widely used in workshops, stacks, smooth cores and distribution cores, ports, stations, airports, freight yards, etc., and can enter the cabin, carts and containers to start pallets Goods loading, unloading and handling operations. It is an indispensable facility for pallet transportation and container transportation.

With the needs of industrial warehousing and logistics facilities and the upgrading of facilities, there are now a small number of electric stackers in the market Facilities are not only easy, fast, inconvenient, efficient, labor-saving, noise-free, and pollution-free. In many respects, manual pallet trucks and internal combustion forklifts cannot satisfy the needs. But as the market is about With the increasing demand for electric stackers and the maturity of the development of electric stacker skills and related accessories, the market's diversified needs for this facility have also shown a significant trend. Nowadays, many manufacturers have been able to produce for example: equilibrium Heavy-duty electric stacker, wide-legged electric stacker, walker-type legless electric stacker, side-drive all-electric stacker and other different examples are satisfactory for different types of stackers required for work.

The balanced-weight electric stacker adopts the balanced-weight plan, which is suitable for all kinds of pallets and shelves, high-strength body and ground, hard and durable, ensuring that the fork can easily solve heavy goods; and the balanced-weight stacker is also In order to inconvenience the loading and unloading and stacking of goods, to prevent the trouble caused by supporting legs, which is not conducive to the stacking and handling of some stacked goods.

The wide-legged electric stacker is to satisfy a certain size difference pallet The stacking of goods, as well as the stacking and handling of goods in the space of the body-shaped goods comparison station, ensure that there is enough space to start transportation, and the wide legs are customized to meet these needs.

步辇儿The type balanced weight legless stacker is equipped with externally controlled electronic control, and the braking performance is a way to convert and store the kinetic energy of the vehicle during braking, rather than turning into useless heat. The price of this type of facility is a little bit more expensive. High, it can be used in many areas and industries for material handling. The fork is adjustable, which is inconvenient for a variety of different types of pallet and shelf goods handling and stacking.

The side-drive all-electric stacker is mainly used For low-strength stacking, it is specially designed for the transportation and stacking of pallets in the stack. It is widely used in the manufacturing and retail industries. It is widely used in narrow aisle stacks and containers. The handle can greatly twist the space and increase the operation. Flexible, equipped with a first-class hydraulic station, low noise, low vibration, good sealing, automatic adjustment of the no-load and full-load landing rate, and the lifting and falling are safe and reliable.

With the continuous development of technology To And to improve, we believe that more diversified electric facilities will appear in the current electric lithium pallet truck market, which will provide a source of power for the development of all human society.

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