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Advantages of lithium ion pallet truck

Advantages of lithium ion pallet truck


In everyday routine, you require shifting things here and there. In the office, in the schools or even at restaurants, you move and shift several things. If you have something heavy to carry, pallet truck concern your needs. Hand Pallet trucks and lithium ion pallet jack are 2 options considered.


For many years, hand pallet trucks have been vital pieces of machinery in companies all around the world. Larger loads and more frequent movements are becoming more common, necessitating the development of new methods to relieve physical strain on workers. Using battery-electric versions of these lithium electric pallet trucks have become more popular in recent years as a result of technology developments. The usage of such devices can assist organisations to upgrade their infrastructures by reducing the time spent physically transporting big goods. It also adds to the safety of the operators.


Lithium ion pallet jack: What it is?

A pallet jack is a type of forklift truck that is used to carry pallets and other materials. A pallet jack is usually operated manually, but in recent years, there are also some types of pallet jacks that can be automated.

A lithium ion pallet jack is an electric-powered forklift system that assists a warehouse worker in lifting pallets. The lithium ion battery powers the lift mechanism and has an extended run time, which means it can be used continuously without the need to recharge.

Lithium-ion batteries are a modern battery technology and have many advantages over their predecessors, lead-acid batteries. The benefits of lithium-ion batteries include: they last 3 times longer, they're lighter weight, which makes them easier to operate the equipment.


Why prefer lithium electric pallet trucks?


A lot of people have probably seen or even used a manual hand pallet jack to move a load over one tonne in weight. If you've ever moved this kind of weight before you'd know that they can sometimes require a significant amount of effort to get moving, especially if the load is incredibly heavy. This can be exhausting and potentially dangerous for an operator who is only using his or herself to move this kind of weight.


Pallet jack trucks may look simple but that façade hides a complex industrial machine with dozens of moving parts and various functionalities, which can be enhanced depending on the application.


Easy to maintain, and fair to run is the STAXX lithium ion pallet jack. It will require less than a minute to replace the battery and allows upright driving.


● Cost-Effective: lithium ion pallet jack is budget-friendly and you can save money for later.


● A good alternative to hand pallet jack: Single electric pallet is a sounding replacement to many hand pallets trucks.


● Electric Power: No fumes and quiet operations make the lithium electric pallet trucks a worthy choice. Operating expenses are low. Lithium ion pallet jack is environmentally friendly.


● Ergonomically fit: Ease your backache and prevent back strains by using electric pallet jacks. The addition of these pallets will improve the efficiency of your workers as well.



Are you going to buy a lithium electric pallet truck? STAXX is a professional warehouse equipment supplier that specialized in high-quality lithium electric pallet trucks for years. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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