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How to choose pallet trucks for your warehouse

How to choose pallet trucks for your warehouse


Forklifts are one of the most powerful construction machines available. Forklifts can securely carry goods that humans cannot, making them essential on every job site, whether you need to transport massive cargo in a warehouse or the construction field. Cargo can be divided into horizontal handling and up-and-down handling. Pallet trucks have become a necessary tool for horizontal handling due to their compact body, flexible use, convenience, and environmental protection. Generally speaking, hydraulic pallet trucks can be divided into manual hydraulic pallet trucks, semi-electric hydraulic pallet trucks and all-electric pallet trucks. Manual Pallet Trucks can be divided into manual hydraulic trucks, high-lift scissor trucks and electronic scale trucks according to their appearance configuration. The manual hydraulic pallet truck has a large carrying capacity. It is one of the tools used to carry heavy objects in a short distance. The hydraulic system is manually driven to achieve the lifting and lowering of the goods, and it is pulled by manpower to complete the handling operation. It might be tough to choose one of the best warehouse forklift types because there are many different kinds and models.

We know that machines have their own lifespan. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the machine, we must maintain the machine properly. For example, when a semi-electric truck is in use, problems can easily occur. So what is the reason? How should we operate to make it obtain a longer service life? Staxx pallet truck supplier will show you the answer.

Lithium pallet truck

The principle of lifting and descending of all-electric pallet trucks adopts electric power control. All operations of lithium pallet trucks adopt an electric control system including forward, backward and turning. It does not require manual operation. It is a relatively time-saving and labor-saving handling tool.

The lithium pallet truck is a blockbuster product of Staxx pallet truck supplier, equipped with newly developed lithium batteries. Lithium battery electric pallet trucks are professional, easy to operate, simple and reliable, economical and practical, and cost-effective. The lithium ion pallet truck has a small body and is suitable for any small places where a hand pallet truck is used. The electric model belongs to the all-electric type, and the ascending, descending, forward and backward are all-electric. The features are as follows:

1. With an ergonomic and easy-to-operate handle, it is designed to adapt to a variety of storage and material handling.

2. Both the moving and lifting methods are electric, which saves labour and allows operators to complete the work faster and with less effort

3. Fast walking, improve handling efficiency; walking speed: no load: 5 km/hr; full load: 3.5-4 km/hr

4. With brakes, lithium pallet truck can be parked anytime and anywhere on slopes, lifts at the rear of trucks or platforms 

5. Lithium battery: detachable, quick replacement in six seconds

Semi-electric pallet truck

The semi-electric pallet truck is operated by the user to manually operate the hydraulic system to raise and lower the goods, but the forward and backward are all controlled by electric power, and no human operation is required.

Many properties of the semi-electric pallet truck are very good, economical, convenient, inexpensive and good-quality. It can be fully used for some working environments where the height is not high. The semi-electric truck is convenient and quick to complete the transfer of goods more quickly. The semi-electric pallet truck is to replace the personnel to carry out the handling work, which can speed up the work, and the electric pallet truck improves the work efficiency. Reduce manpower input and reduce personnel costs.

There are certain restrictions when the semi-electric truck is in operation.

1. First of all, the efficiency of work is definitely not as high as that of a fully automatic pallet truck. During the operation process, more manpower is required than fully automatic. So this comparison is a waste of cost.

2. If the object is too large and heavy, it will be very laborious for people to operate. It's not like a fully automatic pallet truck. It can be transported, loaded and unloaded quickly.

Final Verdict:

Hand pallet truck and lithium battery electric pallet trucks differ in various ways, when choosing a pallet truck, it's critical to think about these elements. The palet truck is vital players on any job site because of its ability to lift and transport items of varying sizes.

Whatever sort of pallet truck you choose to aid you with your work, you must obtain extensive and proper training to check that you can properly operate and maintain it. Staxx pallet truck supplier is a professional company to customize your instruction to your specific vehicle and job requirements.

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