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Aerial work platform, how much do you know?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-15
The aerial platform stacker is a product that serves mobile aerial work in various industries, such as high-altitude operations, equipment installations, and maintenance. Generally, as long as the function of high-altitude operation is very simple and convenient, most users require a lot of additional auxiliary functions, mainly including boom lifting, small channel crane, manned, cargo, etc. Analysis of dynamic safety and stability, from the perspective of practicability, the first step is to study the methods in the crane design specification to analyze and calculate the dynamic safety and stability of aerial work platforms, and use the 'safety coefficient method' to derive theoretical formulas and establish mathematical models. On the basis of the original stability function, the influence of horizontal load, wind, inertial force, etc. on stability is considered. The primary basic parameter targets are 'maximum operating height' and 'maximum additional load'. With the addition of these two targets, generally speaking, the size and weight of the equipment will be increased accordingly, and the sales price of the equipment may correspond to The rental price will also be added. As the best alternative to traditional scaffolding, aerial work platform products have outstanding characteristics such as safety, efficiency, intelligence and environmental protection. They have been widely used in international sophisticated shopping malls, including municipalities, electric power, urban transportation, highways, bridges, railways, and ships. Production, communication, construction, gardening, advertising, airports, ports, stations, television broadcasting, etc. in all walks of life. At present, the number of stores in my country is about 20,000 to 30,000 units. According to research, my country’s aerial work platform shopping malls still have at least 15-20 times more room in the future. In the future shopping mall environment where more and more attention is paid to work power, aerial work platforms will be more recognized, and then their work power will be greatly improved in high-altitude construction.
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