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After the forklift is started, it is difficult to put into gear. What is the problem? How to deal with it?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-27
Forklift trucks are the same as ordinary motor vehicles, and various problems will always appear when they are used for a long time. For example, after a forklift has been driven for a long time, it will have difficulty in gearing after starting. What is causing it? How to solve it? The electric pallet truck manufacturer tells you: So how to check and deal with it? The inspection steps and treatment methods are as follows: 1. First check whether the free stroke of the pedal clutch is normal, and then check whether the friction plate is worn, if it is worn, replace the friction plate; 2. Remove the gearbox cover and check whether the gear lever is rusted If it is worn out, the gear lever should be replaced; 3. Check the transmission or wear of the synchronizer. If it is worn out, replace the synchronizer.
Assemble engine installation generally follow the order from inside to outside, from bottom to top, from back to front, from left to right (that is, the reverse order of disassembly), 1. crankshaft, crankshaft surface, connecting rod, Pistons, pistons, and camshafts should be painted with engine oil during installation, and they should not collide. 2. When installing the camshaft and high-pressure fuel injection pump gear, pay attention to the alignment of the first cylinder mark on the gear. 3. When installing the piston ring, it is necessary to use a dedicated worker to install the piston ring from the third ring to the first one. The piston ring is used in a complete set and cannot be damaged at will. 4. The opening of each ring should be staggered by one hundred and twenty degrees, and it should not be in the vertical and horizontal directions. 5. When installing the cylinder liner, apply butter on the O-ring. Do not directly knock the cylinder liner with iron. 6. Always use special tools when installing the piston and connecting rod, and install it in the original direction of the piston. It is not allowed to directly hit the piston with iron, and apply engine oil on the connecting rod bush (contact surface with the crankshaft). 7. Install engine oil on both sides of the cylinder head gasket. 8. When installing the cylinder head screws, use a kilogram wrench from the middle to the four sides to tighten them two to three times. The force of the first screw is 250 to 300 N, and each screw has the same force. When tightening the crankshaft bearing connecting rod bearing, tighten it in two to three times from the middle to the two ends.
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