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Aluminum alloy aerial work platform maintenance

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-19
One is from the raw materials: the aluminum alloy aerial work platforms currently on the market are nothing more than 6061-T6 and 6082 aerospace aluminum materials. How to distinguish the functions of these two numbered aluminum materials, we can find out on Baidu. I would like to introduce two points here. The aluminum alloy aerial platform stacker made of 6061 material has better welding function and is suitable for low-altitude operations with light workload (indoor home improvement operations within 2m). The welding function of 6082 is average, but its strength and hardness are much better than 6061. Two power micro-risks from the establishment: high-altitude operations, as the name suggests, are high school operations that are out of the air, so they have a certain degree of risk. Assuming that there is no better security protection method, this risk will become more severe. Let’s stop an explanation and comparison from the aluminum alloy aerial work platforms made by the two processes, so that friends can add understanding and avoid unnecessary safety issues. For scaffolding with welded structure, the main load-bearing components are all welded into a piece of structure. In this way, during the process of stopping the establishment of the high school, the structure itself welded together must have a larger weight, and one person will be more useless when lifting the welded structure. , (Perhaps two people are required to cooperate to stop the lifting establishment) so the work together must affect the establishment power. The non-welded single-pole aluminum alloy aerial work platforms all use a single-piece single-piece structure, and the single-piece component is definitely lighter than the structural component that is welded together. Therefore, in the process of high-altitude operations, it is possible to stop the lifting and establishment of the rod by one person, so that the safety of the welding structure establishment operation related to two persons is still centered. Three connection methods from the welding frame and the non-welding frame: the welding structure type uses the snap-in type connection, and the non-welding single rod type uses the Zhongzi knock-down connection. Considering from the safety function of the connection, the connection method of the welding structure only needs to be artificially shaking the scaffold slightly, and you feel that every joint joint is stopped shaking. The non-welded single-rod type is tightly tightened with a pin, so the overall connection effect is much better than that of the welded structure. In this way, if you stop shaking on the platform, what you feel must be the shaking of the entire shelf. Therefore, friends who purchase aluminum alloy aerial work platforms need to think from a safety point of view to make the selection and judgment that they should do.
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