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Analyze what are the characteristics of electric pallets

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-06

The electric pallet truck uses electricity to start transportation and walking. What are the characteristics of this type of vehicle? The above is a simple introduction to everyone.

Electric pallet truck Features:

1. Multi-function handle: The operator can start the vehicle through the electronic lock. It is easy to control the driving speed. If you need to slow down, just roll the deceleration switch on the handle. The greater the twist, the faster the vehicle speed.

2. Delayed deceleration performance: If the operator keeps turning to the fastest speed when driving at a slower speed, the rigid special function will be automatically closed, and there will be a few seconds to run from low speed to high speed to avoid deceleration Too fast can cause damage to people.

3. Power-off brake ability: the handle is to brake when it is upright, and the handle is pressed down to work when operating, and it is also brake when it is pressed. When the goods are heavy on a slope, the operator can also stop on the slope to prevent the car from sliding downhill and reduce the incident.

4. The driving wheel shock absorption system: the pressure of the driving wheel is lighter with the load. And changes, the mechanical shock absorption system will automatically absorb the shock according to the weight of the goods, especially when the altitude is uneven, it shows its unique effect.

The above is the comparison between the electric pallet truck and the general pallet truck. Comparing the features that have appeared, this also shows everyone why the electric pallet truck has such a good function.

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