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Can electric forklift chargers be used casually? Please be careful!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-27
Many customers think that as long as the battery of the electric forklift is selected, no matter which brand the charger uses, this idea is wrong. Just like the original charger of a mobile phone and the anti-original charger bought outside, can it be the same? Moreover, the charger of the forklift battery is relatively easy to break. I have also witnessed the breakdown of the chargers of many customers' electric forklifts. Current electric forklift chargers generally have charging protection and smart charging functions. However, if you do not manage the charging time of the forklift and blindly buy a brand-name electric forklift charging device, then the problem of the electric pallet truck is commonplace. How to correct What about the optional forklift charger? The electric forklift manufacturer tells you: 1. It is best to use forklift chargers that match the battery brand. 2. Taking into account the purchase cost and service life of the charger, I generally recommend buying a good charger. A forklift has a normal service life for 5-10 years. 3. Check whether the charging cable of the charger can meet your requirements. Generally, forklifts have a fixed position for charging. Generally, ventilation and far away from fire sources are required, so you must first understand the direct distance between the charging socket and the forklift parking space. 4. If you can't find the charger that matches the battery, you must ensure that the output voltage of the purchased charger is the same as the output voltage of the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery. 5. Ensure that the charger is compatible with the forklift charging panel socket. 6. It is best to buy a charger with smart charging function, otherwise negligence in charging will cause damage to the battery.
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