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Causes of heating of high-altitude operation elevator wires

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-05
The fixed scissor aerial work lift is an indispensable equipment in modern society, and it may encounter the problem of wire heating during operation. The editor summarizes some of the reasons as follows: 1. The junction box is not used in time, the copper-aluminum joints that have been running for a long time, the touch surface is not silver-plated or there is no tinned joints, due to severe electrochemical corrosion on the touch surface, an oxide film is formed, which makes the joint The increase in resistance simply becomes a hot spot; the contact that usually flows through a small current, due to the sudden change of the system, the current suddenly increases, which causes the contact to heat up, and the timely use of the junction box can prevent the occurrence of such problems. 2. The lift device and repair joints for high-altitude operations are not tightened. When the current is passed through, it may heat up, or even become red, smoke, fire, or disconnect. The wires, switches, and electrical appliances are connected through the wire poles, because the fixed electric pallet lift truck is installed. When the cable is careless, no gasket is added to the terminal, and the nut is not tightened. This will also increase the touch resistance and cause the conductor to heat and melt, and the molten bead on the cardboard box on the lower side may cause a fire. 3. Check the condition of the joints irregularly. The joints will become loose after long-term operation. Some joints are of better quality when installed, but due to thermal expansion and contraction, they may be oscillated for a long time, which will make the joints loose. 4. No splicing method is used at the joints of fixed aerial work elevators, but illegal hook-shaped connection methods are used. The damage of hook-shaped connection: the hook-shaped connection method has a large touch resistance and constantly heats up when energized, which will cause nearby The wooden boards gradually dries, charred, and finally burned, causing a fire. 5. The use of insulated pipes is not in place, the system has short-circuit problems, overcurrent use of contacts with insufficient capacity or defective contacts, instantaneous fire, etc. The contact heating is mainly caused by the large touch resistance.
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