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Changing the crane to the aerial work platform-not advisable!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-25
Recently, there is such a news circulating on the Internet that 'truck crane becomes an aerial work platform vehicle in an instantSuch modified vehicles have always existed. Regardless of whether they should be listed as 'three-no' products, starting from the hardware conditions alone, they cannot meet the requirements of the specifications for aerial work equipment! Aerial work platform vehicles refer to vehicles that transport operators and equipment to the site and perform aerial operations. There are chassis and outriggers. When you work, you can open the outriggers and maintain the balance of the body. There is a boom, which can be extended to work, step over obstacles or perform many operations in one place. Most of them are used for maintenance and are attributed to special vehicles. The truck crane is a crane with equipment on a general vehicle chassis or a special vehicle chassis. The driver's cab is separated from the lifting operation room, and outriggers are required during operation, which are classified as construction machinery. Let's talk about the difference between crane modification and aerial platform stacker vehicles: 1. Whether it has a safety guarantee function. Unlike hoisting machinery, high-altitude operation channels have a high risk of high-altitude operations, and it can be seen that they have made sufficient efforts in terms of safety assurance capabilities. The high-altitude operating vehicle is equipped with operating equipment in the operating bucket and on the revolving seat, remotely controlling the initiation/intermittent, high-speed/low-speed of the initiator, and uses an electro-hydraulic proportional valve to control the action of the arm. The operating arm can continuously rotate left and right. Rely on the linkage mechanism to automatically maintain the level of the working tank. When the main pump fails, the emergency pump can be operated to lower the working tank. It has night lighting, safety alarm and other functions. The modified crane does not have any safety protection function. Once a problem occurs, the operators in the crane will not be able to save themselves. 2. The key difference in planning As a kind of mechanical equipment, each plan conceals the sweat of the planner. High-altitude operation trucks, in short, are things that send people to high-altitude construction. This is to deal with the needs of each program on the car to ensure that the personnel are stable and safe in the basket. Therefore, whether it is a hydraulic system or an electrical system, the first thing to deal with It is the stability and smoothness of the device when it is launched. Because every shaking will bring energy and physical discomfort to the workers. The lifting ability of hoisting machinery can be regarded as the key point of planning, and generally does not consider the shaking and vibration of the boom and the elastic tortuosity. 3. Interval aerial work vehicles with operational capabilities are generally divided into two types: straight arm and crank arm, especially the crank arm type aerial work vehicle, which has the ability to roll over the folding arm and the hanging basket, which greatly improves the flexibility of the aerial work vehicle. Make it expandable. In a small space, the operation of the basket is combined to ensure operation. power. The modified crane does not have this ability. It can be seen that although the modified crane is similar to the aerial work vehicle, it is not the same product, otherwise it will not belong to these two occupations. After all, referring to a deer as a horse is a joke. In high-altitude occupations such as risky occupations, the consequence of being a horse is not only a violation of the rules, but also includes disrespect for life.
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