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Choose your own electric forklift according to the use environment

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-08
Because electric stackers can improve people's efficiency, they are now widely used in industry. Of course, the electric pallet truck brings great convenience to people's work, so the number of people buying it is very large. Well. How do we choose electric stacker forklifts according to the environment? The method is:    1) When stacking is involved, please pay attention to how heavy your cargo is when stacking to the highest height during your stacking operation? Because of this problem, it involves the weight limit and load curve of the electric stacker.   2) Whether the forklift is used indoors or outdoors. Indoors, what is the height of your indoor roof and what is the load-bearing floor? General requirements such as working channel width and gradeability.  3) If you want to use it in the shelf area, please write down the maximum height of your shelf and the passage of the shelf in detail. This involves the body specifications and elevated parameter requirements when purchasing the car.  4) Whether your card board is a standard card board. Electric stackers cannot use double-sided pallets.
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