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Common classification of electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-16
1. The pallet-type electric stacker, the front bottom leg of the stacker, is suitable for the national standard single-sided pallet or non-pallet cargo handling and transfer, and it is characterized by low price. 2. Wide-leg electric stacker, the pile height and the front foot width are generally 550/680mm, the wide leg can be 1200/1500 mm, and the double-sided pallet can be loaded and unloaded (the length of the double-sided pallet is less than the inner width, and the inner width is limited. ), the advantages are moderately priced, and T can be solved. He requires double-sided pallets or some special goods. 3. Balance heavy trucks, high piles without front legs, add weight after piled on the trucks, the forks can be properly forward and backward to ensure the level of the shovel. Advantages: It has a wide range of applications, similar to traditional internal combustion forklifts, but the disadvantages are that the vehicle is too heavy and long, the distance between channels is relatively high, and the price is high. 4. The forward shifting stacking car is basically similar to a counterweight, without weight on the front legs. The difference is that the fork and door frame can move forward for a certain distance, generally 560mm, so that the length of the stacker can be reduced. , The requirements for the channel are also heavy. Lean, price-balanced heavy stacker is similar. 5. All-stainless steel electric stacker, the whole vehicle is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for places with high environmental hygiene requirements such as food and medicine, and the price is cheap. 6. Riot-proof stacker vehicles, special models, and mandatory production license requirements are applicable to higher safety requirements, high prices, high technical requirements, and riot stacker vehicles have a riot-proof level mark. 7. The side-shift stacker is installed on the side, and the side loading and unloading operation is mainly used to solve the occasions where the passage is too small. The general production method is to install the side shift equipment, but the conventional production method is the integrated side shift fork. I saw it. In the German exhibition, a similar model was priced at $1 million. 8. The single-pillar stacking car, that is, in the form of a traditional door frame, is changed to a single-arm lifting, so that the lifting speed is not limited by the parallel, stable and uniform speed on both sides. The general transmission mode is also changed from chain to belt traction, so THA. It can lift and electric pallet lift truck evenly.
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