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Common Faults And Maintenance Methods Of Manual Pallet Truck

Common Faults And Maintenance Methods Of Manual Pallet Truck


Hand pallet jacks are non-powered tools designed for handling palletized loads, typically lifting up to 3500kg. They are simple to operate, with the operator sliding the pallet jack's forks into the pallet, "pumping" the handle, lifting the forks off the ground, and moving the load through the handle. The front wheel is mounted on the end of the fork, and when the hydraulic jack is raised, the fork separates vertically from the front wheel, forcing the load upward until the load is off the ground. The pallet is only lifted enough to clear the floor for the subsequent drive.

Hand pallet jacks are manually operated and designed for pallet handling and lifting. They require manual operation to lift the load to five feet. These low-reach forklifts are suitable for double-floor stacking as well as low-level racking and racking operations. However, manual stackers operate slowly and are only recommended for extremely small volumes, such as one to five pallets per day.

It is one of the logistics tools commonly used by enterprises for the turnover and handling of goods, but many problems often occur during use, such as deformation of the car body, broken wheels, etc. The reason for the hydraulic pallet truck is overloaded or improperly used.

Earlier, we introduced the basic knowledge and classification of manual pallet trucks. Next, we will discuss the faults and solutions we will encounter during daily operations.


1. Oil pump: The oil pump is the key part of all manual pallet trucks. Once there is a problem with the oil pump, the truck will stop working. Even if other parts are good and not damaged, it is impossible to work again. The oil pump is composed of a lot of parts. Among them, some parts such as dust rings, O-rings and steel balls are prone to problems. Once these parts are found to have problems or are worn or damaged during use, the simple solution is to replace these accessories.

2. Oil cylinder: The oil cylinder plays a vital role in the entire lifting process of the manual pallet truck, because it is used to realize the rising and falling of the goods. Therefore, if the fork frame cannot be lowered or raised, the reasons are as follows: 1. The piston rod and cylinder may be damaged due to overload or partial load when the cargo is loaded; 2. The piston rod is exposed for a long time and rusts, hindering Third, the adjusted nut and hexagon nut are not in the correct position; at this time, according to judgment, replace the piston rod or oil cylinder, lower the truck when not in use, and readjust the nut.

3. Oil seal: The oil seal is the critical component between the piston rod and the cylinder barrel of the sealed oil cylinder, and is generally equipped with imported sealing rings. Mainly because of good sealing performance, wear resistance and long service life. 70% of the oil leakage in the oil cylinder occurs on the oil seal. Check it in time if you find oil leakage in the oil cylinder. If the sealing ring is aging or damaged, replace it with a high-quality one.

4. Wheels: Carrier wheels are a kind of wear-and-tear product that will be worn out after long-term use to carry goods. There are also many truck wheels, such as nylon wheels, PU wheels, polyurethane-wrapped nylon, rubber wheels, and electric wooden wheels. Wait. Most trucks are equipped with nylon wheels because they are common in the market and cheap, but they are less abrasive and noisy when walking. Please replace the wheels of the transport wheel in time after they are worn to a certain extent, expensive or cheap, the customer chooses.

5. Lever frame: The lever frame connects the oil pump and the push rod. The lifting support of the hydraulic cylinder and the handling and loading of the goods are all supported by the lever frame to achieve a balance. Phenomena such as overload and partial load often lead to deformation or fracture of the lever frame. If this phenomenon occurs, the manual pallet truck cannot work normally, so contact the manufacturer or purchase and replace the lever frame in the market.

The above are the common faults and solutions for pallet truck faults. Staxx is a professional pallet truck supplier in China with more than ten years of manufacturing experience, welcome to contact us!

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