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Why Are Lithium Pallet Trucks More Eco-Friendly?

Why Are Lithium Pallet Trucks More Eco-Friendly?


In this modern age, more and more people are looking to automate their factories and warehouses. You first need to invest in a good quality pallet truck. As people are becoming increasingly aware of pollution and its effects, they want to ensure that their purchase doesn't harm the environment in any way.

This is why you need to have a lithium pallet truck by your side, as it is more eco-friendly than its counterparts for several reasons. Read ahead as we tell you all you need to know about Lithium pallet trucks.

Why Are Lithium Pallet Trucks More Eco-Friendly?

If you go out to buy a Pallet truck, you might get confused by the variety of available options. The best out of the lot is the Lithium pallet truck, as it boasts an array of benefits that make it stand out as the best choice.

Lithium pallet trucks are way better than their hydraulic counterparts as they can bear more weight and require less strength. Here is a list of reasons why Lithium pallet trucks are more eco-friendly.

Energy Saving

Lithium pallet trucks are equipped with Li-on batteries that last four times longer. These batteries can also charge relatively fast and more efficiently, which reduces electricity consumption and increases productivity.

Another benefit of a long-life span is the reduction of e-waste, which reduces pollution. The li-on batteries are also relatively light, which can help in weight reduction and better ergonomics.

Environment Friendly

As opposed to lead batteries which can take up to 12 hours to charge, a li-on battery can be set at any given time, like a 10 min lunch break. Since Li-on cells don't contain any kind of acid like lead batteries, they don't leave any gases behind, which makes them environment-friendly.

Where To Purchase Lithium Pallet Trucks From?

Since Lithium pallet trucks are quite superior in every aspect, more and more people are starting to buy them. If you are also one of them, you must make sure you buy it from a trusted place like Staxx MHE to get the best quality.

Staxx MHE has been making warehouse equipment for more than ten years, and they have mastered creating their products using the best materials. Thanks to their rigorous quality control methods, every unit from Staxx MHE provides top-notch results.

List Of The Best Lithium Pallet Trucks

Here are the best Lithium pallet trucks that Staxx MHE has to offer.

Wholesale Semi Lithium Electric Pallet Truck PPT20H

This Wholesale Semi Lithium Electric Pallet Truck has a compact body designed to work regardless of the condition. It reduces the risk of injury as it relieves physical strain and is also really easy to maintain due to its simple design and adequately placed parts like the battery, which is also easily removable. It comes with a 5-year chassis warranty and can lift to 2000kgs.

Custom Staxx Lithium Electric Pallet Trucks Supplier EPT15H/20H

The Custom Staxx Lithium Electric Pallet Trucks are designed to make moving robust and easy. With its ergonomic design and powerful motor, it can easily manage various types of moving and lifting. Since the parts are similar to a hand pallet truck, you can easily maintain and replace damaged parts. It also comes equipped with a brake which aids in stopping and operating the machine.


While purchasing a product, you need to ensure that it is not harmful to the environment. If you are looking to buy a pallet truck, a Lithium pallet truck will be the best choice as it is environmentally friendly and boasts a wide range of other benefits discussed in this article.

If you want to purchase some high-quality warehouse equipment at reasonable prices, head over to Staxx MHE and check out their various products.

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