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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of all-electric pallet trucks and all-electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-21
All-electric trucks and all-electric stackers will encounter some common faults during use, so that the faults do not require professional maintenance personnel to repair, only maintenance personnel are required to deal with the faults, let’s take a look , What are the common failures of all-electric trucks and all-electric stackers? How to deal with them?   Common failures of all-electric trucks and troubleshooting methods:   If hydraulic oil leakage occurs during the use of all-electric trucks, The solution is very simple. This is caused by the wear or fracture of the seals. At this time, only better seals of the cylinder are needed. Another possibility is that the parts in the cylinder are worn out and cracked. At this time, only need Replace the parts in the cylinder. For example, changing the seals will cause air to enter the hydraulic system. At this time, you only need to rise and fall several times to drain the air in the hydraulic cylinder; the fully electric pallet truck is not depressurized but the truck drops. This may be due to impurities in the hydraulic oil, causing the pressure relief valve to fail to close. At this time, only clean hydraulic oil needs to be replaced. Another possibility is that the pressure relief valve has not been adjusted properly. At this time, the pressure relief valve needs to be adjusted. Up. Common faults and troubleshooting methods of all-electric stackers:   The common fault of all-electric stackers is that the forks cannot be raised to the highest level. This is caused by insufficient hydraulic oil. At this time, you only need to add hydraulic oil to the cylinder. Malfunction; For the situation that the fork cannot be raised or lowered, this situation is caused by impurities in the hydraulic oil, just change to clean hydraulic oil; when the fork does not go down, it may be due to the deviation of the cylinder piston rod. If the load is deformed, you only need to replace the piston rod or directly replace the entire cylinder.
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