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Common sense of electric forklift maintenance in summer and autumn

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-13

The scorching summer has passed, and the temperature after autumn has slowly turned cooler, and the weather has changed significantly. When the summer and autumn seasons change, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of electric forklifts during use. The maintenance of this seasonal forklift should be as follows Point:

1. Vehicle interior maintenance

Sooner or later in autumn, there will be more dew, and the exterior of the forklift is often very wet. If the car body has significant scratches, it should be painted in real time to avoid The scratched parts are rusty and damp. Due to the erosion of rain and acid in summer rain and the direct sunlight in summer, the paint surface of the car body will inevitably be oxidized. When the season changes, you should do a cleaning and touch-up for the appearance of the forklift. The maintenance work of the tire.

2. Tire maintenance

In the safe driving of the forklift, the tire plays an insignificant role. In the summer, due to the high temperature, it is necessary to always reflect on the tire pressure and cut It is not possible to make the tire pressure too high, otherwise, there will be a risk of a tire blowout, and in autumn, because the temperature is absolutely low, the tire must make up for the pressure to make it abandon the regular pressure range. At the same time, you should also reflect on the tire. Whether there are scratches, because the rubber is easy to harden in the autumn and winter seasons, it is more brittle, and the tires are easy to leak, and even puncture the tires. You must always clear the mixture in the tire tread.

3. Initiate maintenance of the engine room.

Introspect the engine oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze in the engine room to see if the fluid is short, whether it can be transformed, and whether it can reach the replacement cycle. These oils are like the blood of the vehicle, and the replacement cycle is certain. It is necessary to replace the loss to ensure the smoothness of the oil cycle.

Four. Maintenance of the brake system

In spring, the temperature difference between day and night is large, which is easy to cause the expansion and deformation of the car body parts. Whether the movement is weakened or deviated, whether the pedaling force of the brake pedal can be changed, and if necessary, clear all the pipeline parts of the brake system.

Maintenance of the heating pipe and the electric fan

If your forklift is equipped with heating pipes or electric fans, through the operation of a hot day, or preparing for the coming cold summer, autumn is the most suitable to start introspection about these installations, and check the exhaust air inlet energy Whether the wind is abnormal, whether the route is aging, etc., if there is a problem, it can be dealt with in real time.

5. Maintenance of the air inlet or the style grill

There is debris. If there is debris, you can use a compressed atmosphere to blow away the dust. Otherwise, in the engine cooling mode, you can use a water gun to wash the above parts from the inside to the outside.

6. Air conditioning maintenance< /P>

If your forklift is equipped with an air conditioner, the climate is very hot, and the air conditioner in the car is often overloaded. In addition, due to more rain in summer and autumn, after a long time, it will easily cause the condenser to rust. In order to extend the service life of the air conditioner, please reflect on the air conditioner form.

VII. Battery maintenance

The electrode wiring of the vehicle battery is the most prone to problem. , If it is found that there are green oxides at the electrode wiring, it must be cleared in real time. These green oxides It will cause the generator to have excess power, and when it is serious, it will also cause the battery to be scrapped.

8. Cab maintenance

The southern spring climate is boring and dusty. Please clean the dust in the cab in real time. Prevent dust from accumulating and entering fine parts such as meters and affecting the functions of the forklift. Regarding the forklift equipped with the cockpit, you should always open the windows and give up the smooth atmosphere to ensure a fresh atmosphere in the vehicle.

IX. Chassis maintenance

Normally, car owners are negligent about the chassis. When there is oil leakage or chassis deformation, the chassis has already been rusty. For this reason, you should check the shape of the forklift chassis. In addition, door shafts, guide rails Due to the impact of wind and sand and the impact of car washing, it is easy to rust, and the abnormal noise will be recovered when it is turned on or off. This type of problem can be dealt with by applying anti-rust oil on the bottom.

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