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Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign electric picking forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-02
Linde and STILL's high-position electric picking forklifts have almost the same appearance. From the comparison of parameters, the two vehicles should be the same, but the OEM and color are different. The design of the standing platform and the overhead guard is more exquisite, and there are two configurations of free lifting and fixed forks. The door frame is made of H-shaped channel steel. Electric steering, no oil pipes can be seen on the inside of the mast, and a plexiglass baffle is used. The cylinder is placed on the side. ATLET’s electric picking lithium pallet truck is not prominent in shape, which may be due to versatility considerations. The platform and overhead guard are also slightly rudimentary, and the design of the body part takes advantage of the characteristics of the side-pull battery. When the height of the mast is high, a tie rod is added to change the outer mast from a cantilever beam to a simply supported beam, which improves the stress conditions and reduces the deformation of the mast. Judging from the two bosses on the gray cover, the connection between the outer door frame and the upper part of the car body should be hinged. The control panel of Lizhiyou's electric picking lithium pallet truck uses an integrated module, so it doesn't feel like still and Linde. The mast adopts a CJ-type layout; the steering wheel is arranged horizontally and purely electric steering; the body part cover should be made of pure sheet metal parts.
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