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Comparative analysis of three different types of electric forklift tires

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-15
There are many different types of forklifts because they have to meet the requirements of various industries. Similarly, forklift tires are also designed into various types of styles to ensure that the vehicle can perform to its maximum capacity.   tires are divided into three main types: pneumatic tires, solid solid tires, and polyurethane tires.  1, pneumatic tires    pneumatic tires have the advantage of being tough and durable, and are usually used in heavy trucks or larger transportation vehicles. There are strong, thick rubber and deep patterns. These forklift tires are filled with air and help provide a longer duration between the forklift and the ground air cushion forklift.  2, solid solid tires  Some forklift tires are made of solid rubber. Although they look like pneumatic tires, they are not filled with air because they are made of completely solid rubber. These tires can last for a long time without popping or becoming deflated like pneumatic tires. However, solid forklift tires are not conducive to prolonging the service life of forklifts because they do not provide aerospace and ground cushions between vehicles. These tires also have the advantage of being able to be outdoors or indoors, but they should not be used outside on a regular basis.  3, polyurethane tire    one of the final types of forklift tires is made of polyurethane. These are simple tires that have been designed to press on the fork wheels. They are very easy to install. Forklift tires made of polyurethane are the best type to use on electric forklifts. They provide excellent grip, and because they cannot withstand rough terrain, they can only be used indoors for the time being.
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