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Comparison and analysis of manual stacker and electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-15

There are many types of stackers, such as manual stackers and electric stackers. In the parking lot facilities where stackers are specially parked, we can clearly see that these two stackers are definitely different. In addition, there are after all. What are the differences? Let's compare the analysis below.

Comparative analysis of manual stacker and electric stacker:

1. From the perspective of vehicle configuration:

Manual stacker adopts Human hydraulic device; electric stacker has many configurations. The main ones include: battery, electromechanical, hydraulic station, drive wheel, counterweight, controller, circuit board, sensor and other devices.

2. From the point of view of the lifting speed:

The lifting speed of the manual stacker is increased by 1.6 meters, which may require 100 steps; while the lifting speed of the electric stacker is 10cm/s raises 1 meter, it is 10 seconds.

3. From the perspective of walking drive:

The manual stacker is moved by manpower. The moving speed of the empty vehicle is usually not the first 1m/s when it is moved during the control, and it should not be 0.8m/s when it is moved. The electric stacker uses the electromechanical drive to complete the move. The driving speed is usually between 3.5km/h-5.5km/h.

4. In terms of actual employment utility:

The operation time of manual stacker with manpower is more laborious for moving and lifting; the employment utility of all-electric stacker is The utility of manual hydraulic stacker is more than 5 times.

From the above simple comparison, we can see that the employment talents of manual stackers are extremely different from those of electric stackers, and the two types should be used with reference to their different needs when using them.

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