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Comprehensive comments on the seven major causes of abnormal wear and tear of forklift tires

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-28
①Under certain load and driving conditions, the tires of the lithium pallet truck have a suitable tire pressure. When the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the radial deformation of the tire will increase, and excessive deflection will occur on both sides, so that both sides of the tire crown will be grounded. , The inner wall of the sidewall is compressed, and the outer wall of the sidewall is stretched, and the cords in the carcass produce greater deformation and alternating stress. Periodic compression deformation will speed up the fatigue damage of the cord, increase the relative slip between the tire ply and the tire and the ground, increase the heat generated by friction, and increase the tire temperature sharply, which reduces the tensile strength of the rubber. , The cord is loose and partially delamination, and the tire will burst when encountering obstacles and being impacted. The uneven pressure on the tread causes serious wear on the shoulders and produces a bridge effect. The tread is toothed or wavy. Tire tread recesses are easy to be embedded in road nails and stones, causing mechanical damage. The rolling resistance of the carcass is increased and the fuel consumption is increased. Tests have shown that when the tire pressure is lower than 20%-25% of the standard value, fuel consumption will increase by 20% accordingly. When the tire pressure is higher than the standard value, the center of the tire crown is grounded, the contact area of u200bu200bthe tire and the road surface is reduced, the load per unit area is increased, and the wear of the center of the tire crown increases. The tire cord is over-stretched, the carcass cord stress increases, and the cord fatigue process accelerates, causing the cord to break and causing the tire to burst early. ②Under a certain load and tire pressure, the vehicle speed increases, the deformation frequency of the tire, the vibration of the carcass, and the tire circumferential and lateral distortion (forming a static wave) increase accordingly, and the heat generated by friction per unit time increases. The working performance of the tire decreases, and even the ply rupture and tread peeling phenomenon occur, which accelerates the wear and destruction of the tire. ③Under a certain tire pressure, the tire overload will increase the deflection and deformation, and the stress of the cord and the cord will increase, which will easily cause the cord at the sidewall to be broken, loose and the cord delamination, and the force of the carcass cord will be reduced. Exceeding the design allowable stress and tire ground pressure, the heat generated will increase, the temperature of the carcass will increase, and the carrying capacity will decrease. At the same time, wear occurs due to the contact between the tire shoulder and the ground, especially when encountering obstacles, even a small stone will cause the tire crown to burst. Practice has proved that in the case of turning and driving on uneven roads, when the tire load exceeds 20%, its mileage will be shortened by 35%; when it exceeds 50%, it will be shortened by 59%; when it exceeds 1 time, its mileage will be shortened by more than 80%. ④The road conditions also have a great influence on the service life of the tire, which affects the friction between the tire and the ground and the dynamic load on the tire. ⑤High temperature will reduce the tearing strength, elongation and hardness of rubber, reduce the adhesion strength between rubber and cord, and accelerate the aging of rubber. For tires under high temperature, especially aging tires, when side-slip or roll over obstacles occur, it is easy to tear the crown pattern. Due to the aging of the sidewall rubber, cracks and severe deformation of the sidewall result in the separation of the carcass cord and rubber. Once the tire is locally exposed to sudden loads, it is very likely that a puncture will occur. ⑥ When the tire is corroded by grease, acid-base substances and high temperature for a long time, the physical and chemical properties of the tire will change, the load-carrying capacity will be greatly reduced, and the tire will easily burst during use. In addition, tires that have been corroded by oil may peel off the air-sealing layer, a small area of u200bu200brubber at the tire mouth, and the carcass cord and rubber may peel off. Since the patch cannot be compatible with the oil-containing rubber, even if the tire damage is small, the possibility of repair is lost. ⑦Due to the different load distribution of the front and rear axles, the different working characteristics of the driving wheels and steering wheels, and the difference in road conditions, the wear conditions of the tires are inconsistent. If the two sides of the same axle are not replaced with the same factory, the same size, structure, level and pattern Tires, it will accelerate the wear of the tires. ⑧In use, if you don’t pay attention to reasonable matching and regular rotation, the tires will bear uneven load, which will also accelerate tire wear.
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