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Comprehensive Guide About Different Types of pallet trucks

Comprehensive Guide About Different Types of pallet trucks


Do you look for pallet trucks manufacturers? STAXX is a good choice for you. The pallet truck is an ideal alternate for lifting and moving equipment. It is a tool utilized for lifting and carrying pallets in various industries. Different types of pallet trucks are available in the market, but the general direction can be divided into hand pallet trucks and electric pallet truck


The pallet truck is widely used in industries for various applications and purposes. The electric pallet trucks with the help of an electric device are compared to a hand pallet truck, so that the user is more labour-saving, and it is more suitable for use in a wide warehouse.


Popular Types of pallet trucks:

The pallet trucks are just like the right-hand man of a warehouse. Many departmental stores and warehouses use pallet trucks for quick shifting of products and handling goods in the storage.


When it comes to buying pallet trucks, most people think of hand pallet trucks. The fact is there are various kinds of pallet trucks available on the market. They are manufactured in a range of power, size, and lifting capacity. STAXX pallet trucks manufacturers are going to explore different kinds of pallet trucks with you.


1. Hand Pallet Truck/ Manual Pallet Truck:

The hand pallet truck is also be known as manual pallet truck which is the easiest and economical type. Its basic structure is made up of a steel appliance with a hydraulic pump. You can operate a manual pallet truck by pumping the hold-up or down.


The operator places the two forks under the item to be moved and lifts it. Then, it is moved to the desired location by using operating handles. A great benefit of the hand pallet truck is it can fit easily in a truck or van. You can easily carry it with you due to its small size.  

 2. Hand Pallet Truck With Weighing Scale

The weighing scale pallet truck is a hand pallet truck with weighing scale. The best factor about the weighing scale pallet truck is it shows the exact weight of the cargo. The hand pallet truck with weighing scale can improve efficiency for lifting and transfer of different products. Usually, the weighing scale hand pallet truck is used in the lifting process of factory floors and loading bays. It is unique and one of its types from different kinds of pallet trucks.


This kind of pallet stacker is advantageous in the sense of handling a specific niche. Along with transfer and lifting, it displays the load weight. Sometimes, a printer is attached with it to print weight and other load specifications.

 3. Electric Walkie Pallet Truck:

The electric pallet truck with walkie behind is a reliable and durable lifting machine. It is about two times in size than the hand pallet truck. Usually, it is powered by an industrial battery or onboard battery. The name with “Walkie” means indicates the operator must walk along or beside it.


Electric walkie behind has a small size that makes it suitable for moving. It has multiple elements that construct it a good pallet truck choice. The electric walkie pallet truck is operated by electricity for pallet lifting and transfer. Operators can easily control it with a simple lift and lower buttons. In addition, there is no requirement to pump or pull the machine for weight loading.


Along with these benefits, it has a few drawbacks. The electric walkie pallet truck is not the most suitable choice for the transfer of weight at long distances. The reason is unlike manual stackers; the operator still needs to walk behind it. It requires regular maintenance because of more parts. Moreover, the electric walker behind needs regular recharging as it is battery-operated.

4. All-Terrain pallet truck:

An all-terrain pallet truck is a powerful and light lifting solution. Its strong frame structure ensures handling load evenly and safely. Its large wheels make it suitable for use on any smooth or rough surface. Usually, it is used at construction sites, nurseries, and gravel pits. All-terrain pallet truck has up, down, and neutral handle positions.

 5. Walkie Straddle Stacker:


A walkie straddle stacker is comparable to other stackers. However, it has an added feature. It has outrigger arms to save machines from tipping over during lifting. It can be used in the narrow aisle with some modifications.

It can lift pallets and machines from 1600mm to 3000mm in height. Usually, it is used in small warehouses for low to mid-level racking storage. Different leading companies offer different models of walking straddle stackers.

 6. Electric Pallet Truck/ Powered Pallet Truck:


The electric pallet truck comes up with a riding platform. It is easy to operate due to few control options. It saves the operator from walking behind or bedside pallet truck.


Innovative type of the pallet truck

Based on different features and applications, there are many variations of the pallet truck. It includes narrow pallet trucks, mini pallet trucks, adjustable pallet trucks, etc. Let's explore a few popular pallet truck variations that you must know with STAXX pallet trucks manufacturers.

1. Narrow pallet truck:

The narrow pallet jack can lift load up to 2500kg. However, its overall width is 45cm. It can be used for multiple lifting and moving functions.


2.  Mini pallet truck:

Typically, the overall weight of a mini pallet truck is around 31 kg. Usually, it can withstand a weight of 500kg. The best thing about it is you can easily place it van or truck. In addition, the mini pallet truck is foldable. Another advantage of a mini pallet stacker is no oil leakage. It doesn't have hydraulic pumps, so no need for using oil in it.


3. Adjustable pallet trucks:

As the name indicates, you can adjust the pallet truck to broader or narrower widths. The adjustable pallet truck is widely used in warehouses and industries that store different size pallets.


Final Verdict:

Either hand pallet truck or electric pallet truck both are extensively used in industries and warehouses for pallets transportation. They are a reliable and durable source of heavy-weight lifting storage. Based on features, different types of pallet truck is available in the market.


All these types may vary in structure, capacities, and mechanism. pallet trucks are a reliable source for secure product lifting and transfer. Here, STAXX pallet trucks manufacturers come up with a comprehensive guide about different pallet truck types. We will ensure you invest your money in the right pallet truck according to your need.

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