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Eight details of the use of aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-14
The use of aerial work platforms is becoming more and more common. After we understand certain operating standards, we should not neglect the details of the application. The editor summarizes eight application details for everyone to refer to: 1. The seat belt or rope should be hung on a strong part. Or used to hang the safety belt on the wire rope. Stop hanging on moving or unsafe objects. 2. Personnel who use aerial work platforms for high-altitude operations must ensure their health. Persons who suffer from mental illness, epilepsy, and who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or heart disease by a doctor should not engage in high-altitude operations and are not allowed to participate in high-altitude operations. . When it is found that the operating personnel are drinking or lacking energy, stop climbing operations. 3. When working on scaffolds without scaffolding or railings, and the height exceeds 1.5 meters, it is necessary to use safety belts or adopt other reliable safety methods.    4. All work in high places must first build scaffolding or adopt methods to avoid team falling.   5. The bag should be used for all work in high places. Larger objects are tied to sturdy components with ropes and are not allowed to be placed randomly to avoid accidents caused by falling from a high altitude. 6. The ice, snow, gravel, and soil on steep walls, steep slopes or sidewalks must be cleaned up frequently, and a 1-meter high railing must be installed on the outer side. 7. The safety belt should be checked before use, and the static load test should be carried out regularly (every 6 months). The test load is 225 kg, and the test time is 5 minutes. After the test, check whether there is deformation, rupture, etc., and do Good experimental record. Unqualified seat belts should be dealt with in time.   8. Work on dam crests, steep slopes, roofs, cliffs, poles, towers, suspension bridges, and other risky edges. Safety nets or protective railings should be installed on the side of the air, otherwise the operators must use safety belts.  Have you read it carefully? Don't forget these details when using aerial work platforms in the future!
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