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Eight principles of elevator management

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-08
The construction hoist is a dual-purpose vertical transportation machine for passenger and cargo that can transport materials and personnel in layers. According to the transmission mode, it is divided into rack and pinion type, wire rope type and hybrid type. Among them, SC-type rack-and-pinion construction hoist is a dual-purpose hoist used by domestic construction companies. The machine adopts electric rack and pinion drive for lifting and driving to realize vertical transportation of the lifting cage. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, fast lifting, and stable transmission. It is widely used in high-rise building construction.   The construction elevator is an external elevator, which is a large-scale equipment on the construction site and has a certain degree of danger. Compared with tower cranes and (gantry, derrick) material hoists, the concentration of people in the crane cage of the construction hoist will cause more casualties in the event of an accident. Last year, the '11.14 construction hoist cage falling accident' occurred in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, causing 11 deaths and 6 injuries. The industry was shocked and the society was in an uproar. According to statistics, there were two major accidents nationwide in 2007 with 21 deaths, and one of them was the accident. Therefore, in order to curb the occurrence of major construction accidents, the safety management of construction elevators should be particularly strengthened.  As a construction elevator for vertical transportation machinery in construction, its safety management involves all aspects and many links. At present, we should focus on eight tasks.   One catch product purchase. When purchasing a construction hoist, you should choose branded products with reliable quality and excellent performance. Product technical data should be complete, except for product purchase and sale contracts, manufacturing licenses, product qualification certificates, and manufacturing supervision and inspection certificates, the contents of the instructions for use should be comprehensive. For example, although some construction hoist instruction manuals indicate that the braking torque of the brake should be checked, the adjustment method of the braking torque of the brake has been deleted, so that the on-site maintenance personnel cannot adjust the braking torque regularly and correctly, leaving a major safety on the brake. Hidden dangers. The instruction manual is not only an important technical document of the equipment, but also an important evidence of product quality and safety accidents. When purchasing such products, the integrity of the product technical information should be highly regarded.  Second catch registration and filing. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Construction's 'Regulations on the Safety Supervision and Administration of Construction Lifting MachineryRecording of property rights is very important, which is conducive to equipment management and should be handled in strict accordance with regulations. Use registration work must be promoted compulsorily, and use registration work must be used to promote safety management. Lifting equipment that is not registered shall not be used in the construction site. The competent construction department responsible for filing or registration shall establish archives of construction hoisting machinery within its administrative area, give uniform numbering of construction hoisting machinery in accordance with relevant regulations, and regularly announce the safety status of construction hoisting machinery to the public.   Three focus on lease management. The construction elevator leased by the rental unit shall have a special equipment manufacturing license, product qualification certificate, manufacturing supervision and inspection certificate, etc. In the signed construction electric pallet lift truck lease contract, the safety responsibilities of both parties are clearly defined, and special equipment manufacturing licenses, product qualification certificates, manufacturing supervision and inspection certificates, filing certificates and self-inspection certificates are issued, and installation instructions are submitted. Industry confirmation should be carried out for construction machinery leasing companies, and the industry confirmation should be completed as soon as possible for 'trans-province, autonomous region, municipality and cross-industry engaged in construction leasing activities'.
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