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Electric forklift cutting apples 'artisan' skills contest (from Puyang, Henan)

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-26
Forklift to cut apples Have you ever used an electric pallet truck to cut apples and put a tower of nuts? Do you know the industry standard for pouring wine? On November 16th, Puyang City, Henan Province held a 'Post-training, Skills Contest' competition, where more than 40 types of workers competed on the same stage. At the competition site, health emergency skills competitions such as the prevention and control of sudden acute infectious diseases and the handling of sudden poisoning incidents, as well as practical competitions held by electric pallet truck workers, plumbers, beauty salons, household services, catering and other occupations and industries have attracted many The citizens came to watch, and their superb and professional performances won rounds of applause from the audience. 'The'Job Training, Skills Competition' event is a big stage, giving us employees from the grass-roots a great opportunity to show off their skills. Everyone said that no matter what the ranking this year, we will learn more, watch more, and practice more when we look back. , We will continue to compare next year.' A contestant who participated in the auto repair competition told reporters. In addition to the on-site technology competition, participating units and companies rely on their own corporate website, mobile APP, WeChat official account and other platforms to organize and carry out some basic projects with a wide range of participation, so that employees can participate in online learning without leaving home. , Training, competition, communication. It’s worth mentioning that the housekeeping industry has also been included in the city’s skill competition this year. Worker Zhou Suping who came to the competition said excitedly, “Now that we can participate in the big craftsmanship like other trades, it’s a big deal for us nanny. Good thing, how can you not practice your internal skills?' It is understood that this event was sponsored by the Puyang Labor Competition Committee and undertaken by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Since its launch in May, the city has participated in 476 types of skills competitions, the most in history. There were more than 3,600 participating companies and 93,000 participating employees, which set off an upsurge for everyone in the city to become 'craftsmen'. 'It is necessary to motivate and drive the majority of employees to follow the example of'Puyang Craftsmen', and strive to be learning, knowledge, skill, and expert employees, and build a group of industrial workers who have ideals and beliefs, understand technology, innovation, and dare to take responsibility for dedication. The team will display their talents and make contributions on the broad stage of Puyang's transformation and upgrading, catching up and surpassing development.' said Li Gang, deputy secretary of the Puyang Municipal Party Committee.
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