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Electric forklift manufacturers interpret the 'three non-application principles' of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-04
Electric forklifts are important tools for material handling and stacking operations in many units. However, many users of electric forklifts have neglected some appropriate and important elements in the process of using forklifts. Here, Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. proposes 'three 'Principle of non-use': Principle 1: Resolutely do not use employees who do not have system practice and do not have a 'special equipment operator license' to drive electric forklifts. Licensed drivers are familiar with the basic operating procedures of electric forklifts and the maintenance of electric forklift equipment Knowledge and safety are the top priorities for electric forklift users. Don't be careless at all. Licensed drivers can effectively increase the working efficiency of electric forklifts. Reasonable maintenance can increase the service life of electric forklifts. Principle 2: Resolutely do not use second-hand electric forklifts. Second-hand electric forklifts have certain defects in the related structural systems. Every second-hand electric forklift can be surely repaired, such as the hydraulic system and walking system of the electric pallet truck. All components are required to be highly matched. Relatively, electric forklifts do not have national compulsory scrapping standards to comply with. Therefore, some second-hand electric forklifts have relatively vivid shopping malls. It is difficult for ordinary users to distinguish the intrinsic quality of second-hand electric forklifts and buy back second-hand electric forklifts. In the application, the emission pollution is serious, and what is more, it is busy repairing every three days, because of small losses. Principle 3: Resolutely do not use unbranded and unnamed accessories. There are inevitably mechanical or system shortcomings in the use of electric forklifts. When you need to purchase accessories, please be sure to purchase original parts. The market is always induced by low prices. For electric forklift owners to exchange so-called “secondary parts”, firstly, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and secondly, the exchange of unnamed parts will make the related mission system of the electric forklift unable to guarantee a high degree of matching, which seriously affects the normal service life of the electric pallet truck. The Anhui Factory has archived the serial numbers of the spare parts of each batch of electric forklifts to ensure the matching of the spare parts of the original electric forklift.
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