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Electric forklift manufacturers: introduction to the difference between manual pallet trucks and manual stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-22
The manual pallet truck has no mast, while the manual stacker and hand pallet truck are equipped with a mast on the structure of the manual pallet truck, and a hydraulic system is installed to lift and lower the loaded goods. Both manual pallet trucks and manual stackers belong to a large category of logistics warehouse forklifts. Pallet trucks, also known as cattle, can also be subdivided into manual trucks, hydraulic trucks, pallet trucks, pallet trucks, manual hydraulic pallets. Pallet trucks are divided into electric pallets, semi-electric pallets, fully electric pallets, Battery pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, stackers are also called stackers, stackers, lift trucks, loading and unloading trucks, lift trucks, stackers, hydraulic stackers, stackers, forklifts, and stackers are divided into electric Stacker, semi-electric stacker, all-electric stacker, electric loading and unloading truck, electric lift truck, electric stacker, electric stacker, so what is the difference between manual pallet truck and manual stacker? The truck has no mast, so the maximum height of the manual hydraulic truck is limited to 210mm. For manual stackers and manual forklifts, the manual pallet truck structure has more masts and is equipped with a hydraulic system. That's it, the loaded goods can be raised and lowered. The lifting height of the fork is generally within 4.5 meters. . If the lifting height exceeds 1.6-2 meters, the double-door frame structure is generally adopted, which looks very delicate. The manual stacker is not suitable for transporting 2-3 tons of cargo. If it is removed with a truck, it is beautiful. Both manual pallet trucks and manual stackers belong to a large category of logistics warehouse forklifts. Stackers and trucks are suitable for operations in narrow passages and limited spaces. They are ideal equipment for palletized and high-bay warehouses in the workshop. It is widely used in petroleum, paint, chemical, military, pharmaceutical, coal, textile, paint and other industries, as well as railways, ports, warehouses, freight yards and other places containing explosive mixtures for loading, unloading, stacking and handling operations. Looking at the development trend of the forklift industry, there are great development prospects.
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