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Electric forklift simulator can effectively improve the operator's driving level

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-08
The virtual forklift simulator exhibited at the Chicago Logistics Exhibition organized by the American Material Handling Industry Association (MHI) that just ended in March this year attracted the interest of many people in the industry. It has a compact structure, a moderate price and a complete Customizable training solution functions.    Simulator is an innovative company that has announced that the official application of the new virtual forklift training system will revolutionize the forklift training environment. It will not only reduce costs for operators This cost also improves production safety and work efficiency. The biggest highlight of the virtual simulator is that it can provide the driver with a seat and a joystick, as well as a 360-degree view, so that the driver can continue to be proficient in his own skills, thereby improving his Drive confidence and increase safety factor. The simulator can make the driver in a risk-free and safe operating environment and maintain a happy mood to get more driving experience.    The benefits of the simulator are also very significant for the enterprise, including: Productivity, avoiding the risk of damage to production equipment, reducing the maintenance frequency of forklifts, and reducing the training costs of forklift skills. The settings of the electric pallet truck simulator:    It includes different machines and hardware controls to create a virtual learning that can be tailored for the driver Environment. This kind of virtual environment can also be fully customized, so operators only need to set the characters according to their actual working environment.    simulator Andy Van den Brock said, “We are the first A company that created virtual training technology for forklifts in 2011, when we developed our first Toyota simulator. Now, we are launching our own brand and concept, which will mean that we can focus on innovation. This simulator It will have a significant impact on the productivity of the construction site and greatly improve cost efficiency and safety.
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