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Electric forklift talk about the phenomenon that will occur when the voltage of the forklift is too low

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-18
Forklifts mentioned that when the voltage of electric forklifts is usually too low, the main contactor will not be closed or the main contactor will bounce immediately after being closed, and make a click, click, and click sound. Sometimes it may be because there is a single battery in the battery pack of the electric forklift. If the battery fails or the battery terminal is corroded, it may cause poor contact.  Electric forklifts all have undervoltage protection. The over-discharge of electric forklifts has a great impact on the battery life of forklifts. Severe over-discharge can even lead to the scrapping of batteries. The undervoltage protection function of electric forklifts effectively prolongs the life of the battery pack. In order to prevent the battery of electric pallet truck from over-discharging, the under-voltage protection function is that when the electric forklift is deeply discharged, the protection function of the controller will send an under-voltage alarm. At this time, the forklift should be supplemented with electricity. When the deep discharge occurs, the protection function of the forklift will start , First, the lifting motor of the forklift will be restricted to work. At this time, the electric forklift stops lifting, but the walking motor can still work normally. The driver can drive the forklift to the charging room to recharge the forklift.
How much distilled water does an electric pallet truck need to add
What kind of distilled water is used for electric forklifts? In fact, ordinary distilled water is fine. However, we recommend that you use multiple distilled water. When adding distilled water, it is recommended to add it just after charging, and to ensure that it cannot be too much. The distilled water expands and contracts with heat. If you add too much, it will overflow when you recharge it. If it overflows If there are too many, take out the battery and wipe clean one by one, which is very troublesome. If the forklift is used for 5-6 hours a day, distilled water is usually added once a week in summer and two to three weeks in winter.   Another situation is that the battery of an electric forklift contains sulfuric acid. After adding distilled water, do not touch it directly with your hands!
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