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Electric forklift: the handling vehicles are divided into two types: manpower and motor vehicles

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-06
The human-powered pallet truck is a kind of pallet truck that is mainly manpower and engages in horizontal transportation on the road. This is the oldest, but still one of the most widely used handling equipment. It is widely used in workshops, warehouses, platforms, freight yards, etc. Including lever-type trolleys, hand-push trolleys, ascending-type trolleys, manual pallet trucks, manual hydraulic lifting platform trucks, and hand-push hydraulic stackers.  Motor handling vehicles have power devices, transmission devices, steering devices and braking devices, and some are also equipped with loading platforms, cargo boxes or working devices for loading and unloading and stacking. Commonly used power devices are internal combustion engine and battery-electric motor. The internal combustion engine is divided into diesel engine, gasoline engine and liquefied petroleum gas engine. The battery-motor-powered vehicle is easy to drive, smoothly accelerates, and can start smoothly in cold weather. It has less noise and air pollution during operation, but the cost of charging equipment and storage batteries is higher. The handling vehicles driven by internal combustion engines have higher travel speeds and better dynamic performance (that is, greater acceleration, climbing ability and traction). It is more convenient to refuel the internal combustion engine than to charge the battery. However, the exhaust gas from internal combustion engines has different degrees of pollution to the environment. Gasoline engines are the most serious, followed by diesel engines. When the LPG is completely burned, the exhaust gas pollution is less. Trucks driven by internal combustion engines are generally not suitable for indoor use. The installation of exhaust gas purification devices can improve air pollution. The noise during operation is the largest with diesel engines.   Transmission device is a hydraulic, hydraulic or mechanical device that transmits power to the driving wheels. Dongguan forklift wholesale, Dongguan manual forklift, Dongguan electric pallet truck, Dongguan forklift accessories, Dongguan forklift maintenance, warehouse racks, warehouse racks, heavy racks, forklift rental, fixed lifting platform freight elevators, aerial work platform vehicles, electric pallet truck batteries, manual hydraulic tractors Dock trucks, electric pallet truck chargers, manual platform trucks, manual pallet trucks, manual lift truck steering device can make the steering wheel deflect and realize the turning of the vehicle. The transmission, steering and braking devices of a motor vehicle are similar to those of a car.  The wheels of transportation vehicles are mostly pneumatic tires. When the vehicle speed is low, the road surface is relatively smooth, or the load-bearing capacity needs to be increased, solid tires or elastic tires can be used, or all-metal wheels can be used. The resistance of a vehicle depends to a large extent on the road conditions, and the use of harder tires on a smooth road can reduce the running resistance.   An unmanned truck is a vehicle that can automatically guide and identify addresses without the need for a driver to drive. Guiding methods include electromagnetic guidance and photoelectric guidance. Electromagnetic guidance is to bury a cable under the passage of the vehicle, and a current of a certain frequency is passed through the cable. When an unmanned truck is traveling on the corridor, if it deviates from the specified direction, the two detection coils under the vehicle will induce different voltages, and the difference signal will be used to control the steering device and correct the direction of the vehicle. The photoelectric guidance is to draw a white line on the ground, which is equivalent to an electromagnetic guidance cable. The two photoelectric reflectors under the car reflect different light intensities when the car deviates and convert it into electricity. The difference is used to control the steering device. Address recognition can use methods such as magnetic encoding and reed switch proximity switches.
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