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Electric lift truck platform operation requirements

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-11
As an important industrial equipment, the operator of the electric lifting platform must strictly abide by the following requirements: First, the electric lithium pallet truck platform will be inspected and debugged before leaving the factory, and each technical index is qualified, and only needs to be connected during use. The power supply is sufficient, and the hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted. Before using the lifting channel, you only need to carefully check the hydraulic system and electrical system to see if there is leakage or bare seepage. If you encounter special conditions, you must contact the relevant equipment inspectors in time. Second, during use, ensure that the four outriggers stand on a solid ground. Refer to the rule that the walking wheel is about to leave the ground. You can increase the sleeper to maintain the balance of the lift truck when required. Third, the lifting channel needs one to three empty runs to be able to carry out load operations. And the load should be in the center of the workbench to ensure the balance of the channel. Fourth, the lift channels controlled by electricity are faster than other lift trucks in terms of operating speed, so safety protection and risk response measures must be taken in places where protection should be done. The movable doorways at both ends of the protective fence should be locked before the work should be carried out. Fifth, when operating the electric lithium pallet truck platform, tighten the oil return valve knob in a clockwise direction, push the manual reversing valve handle down to the neutral position, manually start the motor to start the system, and then pull the reversing handle to the lifting position , The channel rises and reaches the specified height, then push the reversing handle to the neutral position to stop the lifting channel from rising, and at the same time, the motor must be closed, and then the operation can be done. When descending, loosen the oil return valve, pay attention to rotating counterclockwise, the channel can descend by relying on its own weight. Pay special attention not to rotate the motor here. Sixth, when using a hand pump, you must first tighten the oil return valve knob clockwise, and then push the handle to the neutral position, and the handle channel can be lifted by pressing the handle. When descending, release the return valve and the channel descends.
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