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Electric or semi-electric, experts tell you how to choose a pallet stacker

Electric or semi-electric, experts tell you how to choose a pallet stacker


Pallet Stackers refers to a handling tool that combines various types of wheeled handling vehicles for container shipping, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation. The stacker has simple structure, flexible operation, flexible maneuvering and good safety. It is suitable for operations in narrow passages and limited space, and is a piece of ideal equipment for pallet loading and unloading in high-bay warehouses and workshops.


How to buy pallet stackers?

(1) Select according to the job function.

The basic operation functions of stacker vehicles are divided into horizontal loading and unloading, stacking/reclaiming, loading/unloading/unloading, and picking. It can be initially determined according to the business functions that the enterprise wants to achieve. In addition, the special operation function will also affect the specific configuration of the stacker, and the stacker assembly needs to be used to complete the special function.


(2) Select according to work needs.

The operation requirements of pallet stackers include general requirements such as pallet or cargo specifications, lifting height, operating channel width, and climbing degree. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider requirements such as operating habits (such as taking a car or standing in a car) and operating efficiency (different models have different efficiencies).


(3) Working environment.

For the cargo or warehouse environment that needs to be loaded and unloaded, such as environmental protection requirements such as noise or exhaust emissions, it should be considered when selecting models and configurations. If it is in cold storage or in an environment with explosion-proof requirements, the stacker should be equipped with cold storage or explosion-proof configuration. Carefully inspect the places that the pallet stackers need to pass through, and consider possible problems, such as whether the door height will affect the stacker when entering and leaving the warehouse; the impact of elevator height and load on the stacker when going up and down the stairs; Whether the floor bearing capacity meets the corresponding requirements during the operation.

When selecting and determining the supplier configuration of pallet stackers, describe its conditions in detail and conduct on-site inspections to ensure that the selected stacker fully meets the needs of the enterprise. Even after analyzing the above steps, it is still possible to have several models of cars that meet the above requirements at the same time. At this time, pay attention to the following aspects:

① Different models have different working efficiency, so the number of stackers and drivers is also different, which will lead to a series of cost changes.

②When stacking vehicles are operating in the warehouse, each model needs to have different aisle widths and different lifting capacities, which will lead to changes in the layout of the warehouse, such as changes in the number of goods stored.

③ Changes in models and their numbers will have an impact on many aspects such as fleet management.


(4) The last point is to look at the strength and after-sales ability of the manufacturer, sign a contract, explain future terms, and guarantee the service after the purchase.


The difference between an electric stacker and a manual stacker

Performance comparison

Electric stacker: its hoisting mechanism and transmission mechanism are all driven by electricity. The power mechanism is a battery-driven motor, which drives the wheels to rotate to achieve direction and position movement. The lifting device also uses the motor to drive the hydraulic pump station to promote the lifting of the hydraulic cylinder. Simply put: Lifting and moving are electric.

Semi electric stackers: Similar to the all-electric type, but what the manual stacker lacks compared to the all-electric stacker is the transmission. The semi-electric system has no transmission, only some basic load wheels and guide wheels. Therefore, the movement of the manual stacker needs to be driven by manpower. The lifting aspect is that the motor drives the hydraulic power to push the hydraulic cylinder to achieve boosting.


Scope of use

Electric stacker: The main function is to carry goods, and it is mostly used for warehouse pickup, stacking, and handling items. It is a new type of pallet stacker that can replace manual and semi-electric stackers.

Semi electric stackers: The main function is to lift and play, and most of them are used in operations that require a small range of motion, such as loading and unloading, warehouse stacking, and high-altitude reclaiming.


Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of both sides:

Electric stackers

Advantages: simple operation, powerful functions, safe use, greater lifting capacity, long bottle life, no noise, daily maintenance-free, to a certain extent, it replaces the operation of the truck,

Disadvantages: All-electric stackers that use high-quality imported electrical controls, handles and other circuit components and hydraulic components are more expensive.


Semi electric stackers

Advantages: simple operation, low price, wider application range, convenient maintenance and repair, and lower requirements for the width of the channel.

Disadvantage: Moving is laborious. Generally speaking, if the tonnage is large when moving, it needs two people to push and pull together to move. When the ground is uneven, it is more laborious, the safety factor is low, and the battery life is short, and it is not suitable for goods over 1 ton. The load-carrying capacity varies greatly with height. When ascending to the top, most manual stackers cannot carry the rated weight.


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