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What are pallet trucks used for?

What are pallet trucks used for?


Is hiring enough staff for the maintenance of the warehouse or the factory? No, you can’t rely on man labour for all of the warehouse maintenance tasks. The staff can maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and atmosphere but how can they help you in shifting heavy loads when needed? For example, in the factory, when you need to shift machines,will you compromise the health of the labourer? Will you ask them to lift 50 kg plus weight in a go? It may cause back sprains or fractures in older people. So, it is not an ethically approved practice.


What is the best option for this situation? These are pallet trucks - a forklift for shifting pallets and palletized loads. Originally, they are best manufactured for factories and warehouses which need to handle havery goods. And the Lithium pallet truck/ lithium ion pallet jack is a much appreciated in environment-friendly version.


Another benefit of a motorized pallet truck is that it reduces the number of workers required. For example, it is very simple that where you required 4 or 5 labourers at a time for lifting equipment, now your 1 labourer alone can easily handle the lifting and shifting task by using the lithium ion pallet jack. Hence, it is the most efficient addition to your factory machinery.


Different types of pallet trucks and their uses


As explained earlier, the lithium pallet truck is necessary for your factory, and the uses of pallet trucks differ per type, it is because they all have different characteristics and structural designs. For example, the manual pallet truck won’t offer functionalities like that of a lithium ion pallet jack. There exist various types of pallet trucks and hence uses differ per the type accessible. Let’s explore all of the types one by one.


High-Lift pallet Trucks

As the name suggests, it lifts loads at heights. The range is more as compared to manual pallet trucks. For example, you can lift a table.


Manual Pallet Trucks

A heavy-duty hand pallet truck - as the name suggests, is operated manually. It serves the basic function - lifting and shifting of loads. The maximum loadable weight is 5000kg. It is the most simple form of pallet truck.






Motorized Pallet Truck

Motorized pallet truck - most efficient and highly-specified manufactured pallet truck to help load-lifting at construction sites. It remained the favorite because it cut off 80% of manual labor on the job of shifting loads.





Weigh-Scale Pallet Truck

This is a new type of pallet truck, this pallet truck is equipped with an electronic weighing scale, which can identify the weight of the goods you are weighing at any time. Every kind of pallet truck has a load limit, and the weight-scale pallet truck can make sure that the goods on your pallet jack do not exceed the limit, so as not to damage the pallet jack and also to ensure the personal safety of the user.




When you need to carry materials, I believe that the lithium ion pallet jack is one of your indispensable partners. The benefits it can bring to you are far beyond your imagination.Take Away!


The blog provides only a brief explanation of the benefits of using different pallet trucks. It will make your job easier to buy a pallet truck. Consider the uses and finalize the type of pallet truck you need. For example, you might need to buy a lithium ion pallet jack, a Motorized pallet truck, or a lithium pallet truck. You can shop them online or visit any store featuring these products. Staxx is among the top pallet truck manufacturers offering great services at competitive prices. If you need any information about the manufacturer or the products, welcome to visit our factory! 

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